Easiest Homemade Pizza

Homemade pizza. It intimidates me. Was it something in my childhood? I don’t know, but I haven’t ever consider making homemade pizza, until I discovered the New York Times has a recipe section – how cool is that? Not only that, but they have video tutorials for blonde people like me who REALLY struggle reading the recipe and envisioning it. A) I really liked this recipe for pizza dough. It was fast and easy and required VERY few ingredients. That checked all the necessary boxes for me when it comes to a recipe. B) It does call for type 00 flour, which I was too lazy to go looking for at Smiths so I used all-purpose flour and it was great, so my taste buds are curious to see if type 00 flour is all it’s cracked up to be (real authentic Italian pizza making flour).  C) My $6 pizza peel at Smiths came in handy. And the wedding present pizza stone was a nice touch. D) We made standard margarita pizzas but my favorite was adding cherry tomatoes on top. Yummm. E) We made some on Saturday and I liked it so much, I made the dough again in about 10 mins before church on Sunday so it could rise and we could eat when we got home. Best idea I’ve had in the past two weeks.

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