To be honest, this blog is a combination of life memories, experiences and stories of things that matter, and things that don't. 

Documenting and recording history has always been a high priority in life for me. By the age of 14, I quickly realized a pen and paper journal wasn't for me. Neither were scrapbooks. Thus, I began blogging. While most often my readers are my mom and sisters, I found joy in recording the simple, everyday life happenings. After all, isn't that what our lives are made up of? Simple, unheralded moments?

But after years and years of "journaling" through the blog, I've wanted a physical copy to hold on to. To show my children someday, and to remind myself of the good, the bad, the wonderful, the horrible, and everything in between days I've had. I searched the internet high and low for a company that could print my blog in a fashion that was customizable, aesthetically pleasing, easy to read, and most importantly, reflected the feeling of my blog. I never found anything. I gave up after years of searching and not wanting to put the equivalent of a downpayment into printing my blogs. That was, until I found GemBlogger. GemBlogger checked all the boxes on my list. Customizable, aesthetically pleasing, easy to read (think: very clean layout), and they even said, "we want this blog book to represent you." Magic happened! 

GemBlogger got to work right away on designing my book. Did you catch that? THEY designed the book, so all you have to do is the writing! That's the easiest part. Once they created the first mock-up, they sent me a digital copy to review. With the completion of each step, I swear my heart beat faster and faster -- I was getting so excited. I mean, years and years of wanting to print my blog was FINALLY happening. And, when it arrived, it was beautiful. Just like I expected. 

The pages felt clean and smooth, the pictures printed with a sharp crisp to them, and the layout was fitting to my blogs layout. Now I don't ever have to worry about the technicalities of what could happen with my blog on the web-o-spheres, I finally have a hard copy in my hands. 

If you're wanting to do a better job at recording your family history/life/journal/whatever just start somewhere. Write about the things that matter, and even about the things that don't. And once you do, get in touch with a GemBlogger consultant to have your blog printed. Because these are moments worth preserving. 

This post has been in partnership with GemBlogger, a company we love 

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  1. How exciting to have your book printed! I can't wait to see it. They sound great. I'll have to check them out.


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