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Yesterday during our monthly family google hangout chat, we discussed ideas and ways that have helped us achieve our New Years Resolutions/goals in the past. I didn't chime in on anything that I thought was helpful, since it seems I fall under the category of "My New Years resolution was to lose 10 lbs this year, still have 15 lbs to go". haha. That wasn't my resolution -- but to give you an idea of how mine usually go. I already mentioned last years, and while I did achieve two of them -- one of them ended when I graduated college, so I didn't have to worry about that for the rest of year! And the second, well, since I struggled with putting the lid on the toothpaste so much, lesson learned, just buy the slightly more expensive tube that has the lid on the hinge... duh. 

This year, I'm focusing on five things: (i really tried to keep it at 3.... don't want to be too ambitious you know) 
1. Floss/wear my retainer everyday
2. Run a 10k race
4. Print my mission letters in a book

Now before you going rolling your eyes about number one, if you think that is a baby level NYR, then you're wrong. Think again. I flossed last night and put in my retainers after who knows how long, and woke up at 4am, thanks to my mouth screaming in pain. Hence, I'm writing this at 4:45 am. I can't go back to sleep. The only redeemable thing about getting woken up at 4am (not even by a newborn but my teeth!?) is I get to watch the snow fall for the last hour. It's beautiful. 

Running a 10k. Let's see. When Bronson and I were dating, we were extremely consistent about running 3 times a week for about 5 months. I ran 5 miles with him one day, which is the longest I've ever ran in my life. Soon after that I sustained a foot injury that kept me off running (oh darn! ;). Since then I've ran for spurts of time, but nothing terribly consistent. Everyday Bronson says we've got fitbits now, we should be a fit couple. Sigh. Okay, I'll try this again. 

Reading the Book of Mormon. Seems like an obvious goal, and initially I was contemplating reading the entire standard works in a year, and I felt like I would accomplish that by listening to the audio in the car during my commute to work, however, I think I'll make that 2018's only goal. A few of my sisters are doing this and after a year of mediocre Book of Mormon reading, I want to try again but not so half-heartedly like 2016. 

Printing my mission letters -- sigh -- has been my goal since 2014. I worked on it alot my last semester at BYU, but since I was creating it in InDesign (of course, I have to over complicate it!), I need to go to the campus computers for the fancy computer programs. 

Writing my life story -- sounds almost weird, since I'm only 24, but knowing how forgetful I am, it won't do my any good waiting until I'm 70 to write my life story. So might as well write the first edition now.  

Speaking of resolutions... My sister Julia, last year, set a goal to read 50 books in 2016. She CRUSHED IT. She finished the year reading around 80 books. Did you catch that? EIGHTY. Yes, I did put that 0 intentionally on after the 8. Bow down with me now to Julia! What's even cooler, is after reading her 5+ books per month, she'll write a review about them on her blog. Check it out. Before I consider checking the interwebs about books, I just look at Julia's blog first. Julia's totally inspired me, and I hope to read at least 8 books this year (i know, I'm slow). 

What are your New Years Resolutions?

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