Before the beginning of the semester

some noteworthy moments this weekend: 

Work it Bronson. Bronson's cousin called and said she had two flat tires. Luckily Bronson knows how to change a tire. so phew, I don't have to now. ;)
an actual car tire pump worked much better

I was really close to reaching my step goal count for the day (10k), and only needed a couple hundred steps. I figured the best way to accomplish that (mind you in a 600 sq ft apartment) was to make cookies, so I'd be forced to walk from the couch to the oven again and again. Sadly, didn't work.

It's been awfully cold in Utah. The homebody REALLY comes out in me in this kind of weather.

I ordered something on Amazon for myself for my birthday -- from THAILAND. Can you guess what it is? Pompom trim for sewing. Hehe. And it arrived 1.5 months later!

Bronson does it again -- starts another semester. Lament with us, that this is the last semester of undergraduate tuition. Next year, its the grad school stuff and that means no pell grants. I DECLARE BANKRUPTCY. 

Since we got fitbits, we should do what people with fitbits do, and run and excercise and stuff. Ahhh, what a drag at 6am in the morning. Last week I could hardly open my eyes, I said, "Bronson help me wake up!" He sat/jumped on me. Ouch. Yeah, I'm awake and now mad. 

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