reunion in the temple - mission homecoming - snowing Saturdays

Alittle update of our week:

Thursday, we attended ward temple night, which was probably a good thing, since there were only three other couples and two of them it was for their calling. Luckily though, we got to the chapel a good 45 mins before the session. I looked to my right and saw sitting two people away from me a guy that lived in a ward I served in on my mission. I was estatic! I said, "Lucas!" It was him, I asked the people sitting next to me to move down so he could come over and talk. I publicly apologize to all the people sitting near me hoping to have a spiritual experience in the temple that day -- but I HAD to talk to him (well, I whispered, but Latinos don't really know how to). What are the chances? Someone from Argentina to end up in the same temple session as us -- on the same row? I love that God lets us have those little experiences. I kinda felt like Alma when he was a missionary and when he was reunited with his brethren in the wilderness after being apart for so long -- I actually didn't really know this guy super well, but I knew his family very well, and loved his family so much.

Saturday, we woke up to do our daily morning workout on the treadmill and found a blanket of snow covering the ground. I love seeing snow -- especially when I'm not driving in it. And since I didn't have to go to work, I asked Bronson to go walking with me. We walked to the temple and back. We came home to find the saddest thing on the news -- the Womens March, which I feel like it can't really be called that. Maybe my thoughts on that later. Bronson did hw all day and I finally got to organize a food storage shelf! wahoo! Mostly, i'm just glad I don't have to have a million cans fall out of the cupboard trying to get one can.

We went to Big Lots, because we were REALLY struggling for ideas/things to do (read: BE OUR FRIEND), we had fun though -- finding the christmas section for 90% off. If you live near a Big Lots, RUN, they have lights for $0.25 cents -- except if you live near the Provo Big Lots, don't run because I already got the rest of the white lights. ;)

Sunday, after attending Sacrament meeting, we drove to Ogden for my Aunt Meredith and Uncle Norm's mission homecoming from the Mesa Arizona Temple Visitors Center. We are happy to have them back, as they extended their mission another 6ish months as they were called to serve as the Visitor Center Directors for the remaining year of their mission (big calling!). Two things -- the senior missionaries SAVED me on my mission. I might have returned early if it wasn't for them. And two, I loved hearing their visitor center experiences as it reminded me of mine in Idaho.

A photo of my Grandma and Grandpa Smith hanging in house
And some of the best news, in my opinion, is Bronson accepted the internship he was offered with Intermountain Health Care at their hospital in Murray. After months of prayers and fasting -- we wanted / needed something that was IN-STATE (so we didn't have to do that whole long distance marriage thing!), and needed something that didn't require purchasing another car. Check and check -- Heavenly Father really has blessed us. Since we live 50 feet from the front runner station, and sinec the Murray Hospital IS a Front Runner station spot, it works out so well.


  1. Congratulations Bronson!!! That is great you have an Internship that works out so well for your lives right now. Well done!!!

    What a tender mercy to be in the temple at just that moment to connect with a friend from your mission. Heavenly Father is so good to us.

    So glad you got to go to Aunt Meredith & Uncle Norms Homecoming. Thanks so much!


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