sledding & ice castles

I have never met a snowier Utah. Since every year except this one, I've spent my winter breaks in Oregon, I feel like I missed out on the extensive snow days. They are beautiful, but I don't care for driving in them -- and I have no choice but to go to work. On Monday, someone had to stand on the back of the car for added weight and someone pushed from the front just to get out of our parking stall.

The one thing that Bronson and I would like to do soon is snowshoeing.

On Monday, the pseudo New Years Day that every where else but my work celebrates, I got off early so we could go sledding. My discovery was, sledding didn't hurt as much as a kid, and the hills were bigger when I was a kid. We were amongst young families with kids so we didn't last too long, but long enough that my fitbit thought I climbed 25 flights of stairs. We drank hot chocolate and watched DIY network for the majority of the rest of the evening while it snowed continuously.

Wednesday, we went to Midway for the Ice Castles, which is something we've wanted to do for a long time. It was a very stormy drive to and from Midway as we went through Provo Canyon, we almost turned around -- you know one of those white knuckle drives. But luckily, we didn't mind going SLOW, so we made it just fine. Midway is such a cute cute cute town. If we have to live in Utah somewhere it will be Saratoga Springs, Heber, or Midway. Debate settled. 

Brent Christensen is the creator and mastermind behind these ice castles. He built the first one in his front year for his daughter who wanted an ice castle, from there, the concept was conceived and he now creates ice castles around the country (obviously in really cold places), and Alberta Canada. 

The crew grows 10,000 icecles a day, which they implant on the ice castle. The ice castle weights 25,000,000 pounds, and the walls are about 10 feet thick. That is a lot of ice. 

It was snowing the whole time we were there -- which just made it this magical Hallmark moment, but I was REALLY cold. 

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