In attempts to better record our lives -- I created this little video to help us remember how fun this day was. Its very fitting that I used "Try Everything" as the song, considering snowshoeing was a first for me and Bronson. 

Our snowshoeing escapade: 
We went up to Aspen Grove the BYU family camp on MLK day to rent snowshoes and have access to snowshoe on the area. We were alittle hesitant and nervous -- we had never done this, and sadly, Bronson's cousin passed away a few years ago after getting caught in an avalanche while snowshoeing, so we were more cautious about everything. But, end of the day, it was SO much fun. 

I enjoyed it more than skiing. Probably because I was in way more control of my body, and I could enjoy the scenery around me rather than focusing on trying not to fall. 

At times you didn't break a sweat, and other times we (okay, mostly I) could only go a few feet before stoping again, especially when you're going up hill. 

My fitbit thought I climbed 50 flights of stairs that day ;) It wore us out...but did I mention we had fun!? It is easily something you could do with little kids. I loved it so much, I went home and looked up snowshoes on Amazon. We won't be purchasing them anytime soon, since they range for $120-200 a pair. I love any chance to see snow flocked fir trees. My absolute favorite. 

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  1. Wow! That video was so great! It was so fun to get a glimpse of your day in that way. I loved all the other pictures, too. What a great sport! And the scenery is spectacular! What an awesome way to record your history!


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