Trip to Museum of Natural History

It seems like on the weekend is the ONLY time I get the kitchen restored.  How long do you think it will stay this clean? Ready, set, go....

Alice-Anne sent me these pictures of cute Claire enjoying the baby mobile I made her. Makes all the time worth it right when you see cute babies like this. 

Always alittle star-struck at how beautiful these mountains are. Although I could pass on the 11 degree weather. 

Bronson took it upon himself to make Saturday nights dinner via crock pot. Mostly because we maxed out the eating out budget :( This is a Brazilian dish he had alot on his mission. 

 Last Sunday night I had this surge of brilliance to make Carrot Muffins. Not just a dozen but maybe more like 50? My mom shared with me her recipe as I wanted to incorporate something alittle healthier than toast in my morning breakfasts. To give you a cue into how my mind works, I was reading the recipe and noticed it called for an 8 oz can of pineapple, alittle discouraged because I had a 20 oz can, I decided, well, I guess I'll just have to double the recipe. Because, that TOTALLY makes sense. Who wants to only use half a can of pineapple and save the rest in the fridge? Luckily, we liked them -- all 50+ of them.

A co-worker taught me how to crochet around a burp cloth during lunch and I took it home and finished it. Holy cow I had no idea how long people spend crocheting around a piece of cloth that is going to get spit up on. It took me alittle over an hour to go all the way around. Granted, I haven't crocheted since high school, but still!

On Thursday, we went to Bronson's cousins Tyler's apartment (from special orders from his mom ;) to bring him a pumpkin pie for his birthday.

While doing my Saturday cleaning I noticed I am a creature of "When I find something I like it I buy it in every shape" type of person. I have three pairs of beige suede shoes. Nice. :)

After we finished chores and Bronson finished homework (and I made some soap!) we went to Utah's Museum of Natural History in SLC. We recently bought these passes that get you into 13 locations around Salt Lake City and we wanted to visit one of the locations -- the museum was one of them. Not knowing, we made the 1 hr drive there only to be told the museum would close in 1.5 hours! Undoubtedly we were the ONLY individuals in that museum without children. I guess thats probably why we were able to make it through fast. I think we would have enjoyed a bit more time, but it was interesting to read about ALL the dinosaurs especially those being found in Utah region. I can't even comprehend how long ago these animals were on the earth -- and how people have found their bones and identified them. Its evident how much time was put into everything they exhibited at the museum. I don't think I'll ever reach a level of not being astonished with Native American beading and tapestry. And I have so much respect for the Indians, their culture and people -- and never receiving the respect they deserve. 
My one take away though from the museum is how grateful I am Heavenly Father made those dinosaurs extinct long before I was born. Thank goodness. 

Real time photo of us this exact moment on Jan. 29, 2017 at 3:15pm

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