5 ways we save/earn money

*Disclaimer: this is a very long post, like nearly 2,000 words long. All opinions are my own. Oh, and I am NOT Mrs. Dave Ramsey, so there's that.

Lately money has been lingering on my mind more. Money can't buy happiness, but money does buy everything. Sharing DIY tutorials and money saving hacks haven't really been my usual post, so just bare with me, I just wanted a few ways we've been saving / earning free money lately. I feel like this has been a strong point of Bronson's that he is helping (slowly but surely) cultivate and I thought maybe it would be helpful for someone. Otherwise, the rest of my blog is about me ruining the laundry, over cooking rice, learning to pump gas in the car, etc.

Heres an overview list of things that have helped us save / earn money that I'll go into detail about: Ibotta, Bing Rewards, Cashback Rewards, Betterment, Subscription Email

1. iBotta  referral link:
The skinny: You scan your grocery receipts and earn money for what you buy.

The Long: At first I didn't totally buy into it. But for a full year Bronson semi-diligently scanned our grocery receipts on the iBotta app and just this week we earned $30 simply for taking a picture. The thing is, you are going to buy groceries no matter what, so might as well get some free money from it. During my lunch breaks I take a few minutes to see what iBotta is offering as cashback deals for their items and "unlock" them. Usually its 50 cents back for any brand of bread, 50 cents for bananas, 50 for any brand eggs, and 50 for any brand milk. Those are the generic items. iBotta works for like every store you can think of (WinCo, Target, Walmart, Costco, Sams Club, Maceys, Smiths, and 100+ locations). It also works for lots of snacks, beverages, household items, candies, clothes, groupon, Joanns, Hobby Lobby, YOU NAME IT.

Sign up with the referral link above and you get $10 and I get $5 just for signing up. Disclaimer: You do have to buy 1 item and scan it from iBotta that is a name brand item (think not an any brand item like milk, banana eggs or bread) within 7 days of signing up.  For example to earn my $10 I unlocked the "tic tac deal of 25 cents back". Bought a box of tic tacs for $1.25. Scanned the barcode of the tic tac and then scanned my receipt. I earned $10 for using a name brand deal within the allotted days AND earned 25 cents for the tic tacs.
This obviously isn't for everyone -- but its kinda one of those no brainer for me.

2. Microsoft Rewards (formally known as Bing Rewards).
The Skinny: Earn Amazon gift cards for doing google searches

The Long: I feel like Bing Rewards is the most beautiful unknown secret. Bing is a search engine, just like google is. The difference is when you search for "Weather" or "Netflix" on Bing you get points for every search you make. Google you don't. Are there any differences in search results between the two? Not really. Consensus: use Bing. 1. Make Bing your default search engine for your internet. 2. Make a Microsoft Outlook account (I just made it, but don't ever look at that email, well, because nothing is there, you just NEED the account).

You can earn up to 150 points for doing random web searches on your computer, and 100 points for random searched on your phone web browser. So a minimum of 250 per day. They also have daily quizzes that you can play or links to click on for you to get even more points -- with a max of 290 points a day. WHY? Well... once you get 5,250 points they send you a digital $5 Amazon gift card. If you are smart about this, and do this everyday. It's the first thing I do everyday when I get on my computer. I search "weather" and then add a period or a comma each time and search it again over and over again until I max out my searches just to make sure I get all the possible points that day and it takes less than 30 seconds. When I eat my breakfast, I try to do the same on my phone.

If you get the 290 allotted points everyday, then in 18 days you could have $5 Amazon gift card. And if you get that every 18 days in a year, thats $100 FREE dollars to Amazon. WHY WOULDN'T YOU DO THIS?

Speech over.

3. Credit Card Cash back Rewards
The Skinny: Earn cash back on purchases you are already going to make. 

The Long: I thought everyone already did this but then a co-worker of mine mentioned that she doesn't have any credit cards only debit cards and I sat there shaking my head. We've earned hundreds in cash back rewards with our Discover Credit Card. (Highly recommend!) First you get money just for opening an account and referring others. A couple summers ago, Bronson's cousin, Clayton referred Bronson, then Bronson referred me, and we all win and get money! I think we all know how this works, so I won't bother explaining, obviously you have to spend money to get the cashback, but it doesn't hurt to be smart about it. We know which credit card gets which cash back that month -- in December, mine was Amazon (aka: for all Christmas presents use my card!), and Bronson's was restaurants. Bronson made a list so we could reference what card was eligible for which rewards that month. Its so fun earning cash back! Oh, and last thought, my last semester at BYU, my professor spent the last two weeks of class teaching us how to be millionares, because he let us know, he was one (on a BYU professor salary and having 9 kids...that is GOOD.) He mentioned how he had 17 credit cards and 2 debit cards. You get the picture... 

4. Subscription Emails / Favorite Eats App
The skinny: Sign up for all restuarants emails to receive coupons

The Long: Bronson has an email solely dedicated to signing up for restaurant subscription emails. Each week he'll get tons of restaurant emails with coupons so usually on a Friday we will sit in a parking lot, thinking of a restaurant that sounds good, type it in the email search box and find a coupon for dinner. It doesn't work 100% of the time, but we've hardly EVER, I really mean EVER eat out without a coupon. And its not even against our religion, we just would rather eat out more often with coupons than eat out less and pay full price (doesn't everyone?).

And the favorite eats app is only available to Provo locals. Its a very NEW baby app that was recently released so basically if you download it (just search for it), the creator will send you a message through the app to see if you are interested in using the Favorite Eats app for a 30 day trial free. In the app they have almost every restaurant in the greater Utah area with coupon deals you can use each week. After the 30 days you can decide if you want to continuing having access to all these coupons to all these different restaurants for $4 a month. (if you use one coupon per month, you've already gotten your money's worth). Or you can say see you later after the 30 day trial. Cool, huh?

5. Ebates
The Skinny: Get cashback on ALL purchases

The Long: You
can install a chrome extension that pretty much tells you before you go to purchase something that you can get cashback through Ebates. I'm pretty new to this and haven't had it more than a week. However, my roommate bought everything through an Ebates link, and one day in the mail she got a $300 check. So, I guess it works. Usually the percentage of cash back is low (2-3%) but everything helps right?

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  1. Those are great ideas! I'm going to follow your example!


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