a week of food

The sunset behind Timp was stunning this week
Most of the time, I glance at previous pictures during the week to remind me of what we did. I looked at my photos, and all there was, was FOOD. I suppose my camera roll is a pretty good indication about what’s important/going on in my life right now.

A few meals I made this week: 1. Quinoa Gado Gado Bowl byMinimalist Baker. Initially I was hesitant because well, it’s called  a “Gado-Gado” bowl. Thai-ish food is pretty uncharted territory. And I knew Bronson was cringing about dinner, because, hello, vegan. So I added some chicken. I LOVED it. A) Because it was Quinoa, so something different than rice. I’m on an anti-rice strike because we used our grocery budget half-way through January, so we ate nothing but rice for the last two weeks of January. B) Peanut Sauce. I’m a lover of all things peanut, but I had never made my own, and didn’t realize how much I’d like it. C) It tasted fresh. It had red bell pepper, cabbage, green beans, and carrots. YUM.

2. Sweet and Sour Chicken. I know I know I said I was an anti-rice streak, but you can’t eat sweet and sour chicken WITHOUT rice. It’d be like a Chinese eating without chopsticks, you just don’t do it. What I loved/hated about it. A) It was a recipe from a co-worker who raved about it. So my expectations were like “this is going to be better than all the sweet and sour chicken dishes I’ve ate at every single Chinese restaurant in my whole life.” And it didn’t quite live up to that. B) It was MESSY. Like REALLY messy. Like, you wouldn’t have known if it was a child or adults mess in the kitchen it was that bad. C) I did accidently ruin the recipe SLIGHTLY by adding too much water, but of all things to happen, that’s not too bad. D) It took a long time. Anything over 30 mins loses my respect because I well know it only takes me 10 mins or less to eat it. E) It did get better with age. Day 2 was much more enjoyed than day 1, probably because it marinated in that sauce for so long.

4. Homemade pesto with roasted tomatoes.
I had my first dose of pesto at Noodles and Company and really liked it. Ever since I've been itching to make my own, but fresh basil is a pretty penny so I've held off. I finally got to make some and it was good. A) It was yummy but I wonder if I had a food processor if that would have really kicked it up a notch. Not sure if my ninja semi-blender did enough. B) It's not the prettiest thing to look at mixed in with spaghetti noodles. I probably should have used bowtie or penne noodles. All I could think about was how it looked like green hair. C) From now on i'll swear on my life to always double the roasted tomatoes. So good.

Besides what we ate, we got to do sealings on Friday and on Sunday spent an hour walking the temple and around the area. Visiting Teaching hasn’t always been my strongest point – I went to bed on Jan. 31st and said “Dang it! Dang it! Dang it! I didn’t do my Visiting Teaching!” So… this month, my companion and I invited everyone we visit teach to the club house to eat ice cream and talk. We got to know each other more and it was a fun twist on the usual monthly visit. 

Ex-roommate Nicole Nugent came to Provo for the weekend, so we got some Jamba Juice. This week has been pretty warm in the 50s and 60s and that morning we got together it snowed! we were shivering drinking our smoothies.
 My library finds this month. Pray I finish all of them!
 Homemade pizza round 1 with Clayton and Cecily.
 After the temple, we decided to go to Bam Bams BBQ to try their very famous Swachos. Like nachos to the extreme. Super good!

If you have any must have recipes I should try let me know.


  1. You crack me up! Do you hire out for dinners? ;)

  2. This post made my mouth start watering. Whoa, Emily, you are getting so good at cooking skill. Impressive! Great idea about visiting teaching.


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