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I am a lover of all things beautiful -- things that look beautiful, smell beautiful, feel beautiful. It is not uncommon for me to ask for things like soap, perfume, candles or lotion for my birthday and Christmas. 

But lately, I've been itching to make my own soap, because who doesn't love to make something and use it. I know making your own soap can be an intimidating process, there is usually lots of steps and getting an exact temperature. But not this kind! Once I tell you how to make this, you're going to be so unimpressed at how easy it it, which hopefully means you can try it too. 

*The very top bar of soap is just lavender essential oil and poppyseed, while the bottom two contain oats and honey (hence the slightly darker shade). 

Goats Milk - soap base ($10.90 on Amazon, cheapest I've seen it!)
Silicone Soap Molds (or just use a silicone muffin molds if you have that)
Zest of fruit -- grapefruit or lemon
Quick oats
Poppyseeds (Buy in the bulk section from WinCo -- super cheap!)

Your supplies are going to depend on which soap you want to make. I've made three different kinds and still deciding which I like best, but I think the lemon and mint combo is winning for me.

First, cut your glycerin block into small squares. I only used a fourth of the block each time I made a batch (2-3 bars), because I wanted to try out different combinations.

Put the small squares in glass bowl. Microwave for 25 seconds, stir, and repeat in 25 second intervals until its completely melted. I decreased the power level on my microwave to 6 or 7 just to be safe, but you don't have to. Now you don't have much time before the glycerin sets, so have everything prepped before you melt the glycerin.

Oats & Lavender: 
Pour 1/2 C of oats (I really just eyeballed it) and stir
5-10 drops of Lavendar essential oil (use 10 drops if you have a smaller hole for your essential oil bottle, mine was quite large, so more came out)
1 TBSP of honey
1/2 TBSP of poppyseed

Grapefruit OR Lemon & Mint:
Zest half of a grapefruit/lemon peel
5-10 drops of grapefruit/lemon essential oil
1 drop of mint or spearmint essential oil
1/2 TBSP of poppyseed

Pour the mixture into the molds. Remember 1/4 of the 2lb block will make 2-3 bars of soap depending on how thick you want them. I find it easiest to place the silicone mold on a baking pan for easy moving. Let them sit for at least 3 hours.

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