over the weekend

There were few things on my must do list this weekend. A) I wanted to try a new recipe for cinnamon rolls and B) I wanted to make more candied walnuts and almonds, because hello, addict over here. 
So thats what I did. 

Hands down this was the BEST dough I've touched. I'm going to have to make some pizza out of it too, because I heard you can do that, and this dough was like magic on the fingers. Oh, and were they good? Lets see, we ate them in 24 hours, so yes, they were good. I'll share the recipe soon.

Saturday, Bronson and I attended the women's BYU Basketball game verse Gonzaga. Last time they played it was a total blow out, so we were hoping for different results. And in true Senior night fashion, the cougs pulled through. It was such a fun game to watch. After the game we went through the Minvera Teichert exhibit at the MOA. Which, I definitely think we need to go through again, because I didn't get to stand in front of each painting long enough. I do have to say that President Watts (the stake president at the time of our stake center being built), him and his wife sure loved Minvera Teichert because I recognized a handful that our displayed on the stake center walls. 

Fun facts about Minvera -- she grew up in Idaho, and at the age of 4 was given her first set of watercolor paints -- she knew then she would be an artist. She worked on a farm to save up money to attend art school in NY and Chicago, and while in NY she did a variety of odd jobs to earn money, including "modeling" for art students, and drew anatomical pictures for medical students. One of her art teachers asked if anyone had ever painted anything from "that Book of Mormon of hers" and she said no. She felt commissioned to do so and began painting 50 some scenes of the history of the Book of Mormon stories. She completed them in just a few years. Something interesting I learned was that Minvera would donate her artwork to BYU in return for tuition for her children and later grandchildren and friends. My main take away from everything I read about Minerva was her steadfastness to the gospel her entire life. 

Saturday evening we settled in to watch BYU mens basketball verse Gonzaga....I kept saying, "What if we actually won." Not believing it myself at ALL. But then we did. Poor lady next door, we probably kept her up with al the screaming and cheering.

Sunday we enjoyed dinner with the Moss cousins at Jessica's apartment. 

A few favorite things I discovered recently:

1. REFIT -- Julia introduced me to these youtube exercise videos which have been handy since one of the treadmills is broken in our exercise room, and lets face it, Bronson is way more dedicated with exercising than me, so he should be honored with the treadmill. I did 3 videos (they're only 5 mins long) one morning and had fun. A) Because I have NO moves B) I was in my pjs C) it got my heart rate up in the morning which I need to be awake. D) I was ACTUALLY sore the next day (just slightly). I'll pretend not to be embarrassed about that. Try them out!

2. A Spiralizer -- Has anyone had one? I'm really convincing myself I need one (I really want one!), but haven't fully committed to that $40 leap. I know. What intrigues me most is that it can make sweet potatoes noodles SUPER easily. Sweet potatoes are my favorite veggie, but they are tough to cut through. I have an ornate obsession with pasta, so I feel this would be a great replacement in the carb department.  (search for them on youtube, I love watching things spiralize for some reason).

P.S. Thanks to Alice-Anne, Tina, and Julia for your podcast recommendations -- I've already subscribed to them and started listening! 


  1. Cinnamon rolls look amazing! So interesting about Minvera T.

  2. Those cinnamon rolls look like the bomb!


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