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Over the course of the week I spend roughly 400 mins in the car just driving to and from work and picking up Bronson. So in just 5 days that’s about 6.5 hours. That is a lot of time. My itunes on my phone is completely empty, on purpose. Truthfully, because I’m just lazy, but secondly, I really like to listen to podcasts. So let me totally convince you of all the podcasts that I love. 

99% Invisible. I don’t know how I found about this podcast, but I love it. Mostly because it hallmarks on people/events/situations/places that seem to go unheard.

I learned about how the trash and recycling services work in Taipei, Taiwan. Fascinating no? Five nights a week, Taiwan residents gather on designated street corners to throw their trash in the garbage trucks (being a garbage truck driver doesn't sound too bad in Taiwan!) The garbage trucks play Fur Elise or A Maidens Prayer over a speaker (much like America’s ice cream truck) to signal they are coming. Police officers stand by to make sure you put the appropriate items in the plastic or glass recycling bins, or else it’s a $200 US Dollars fine for you. Talk about strict. I texted my brother who lived in Taipei for a year, but he never texted back, so TBD if its true…

Another episode, (Ten Letters for the President) I learned about how President Obama asked to read 10 letters a day from civilians. So you get an in depth interview with the director of communications for the President (aka head mail sorter). They would get hundreds and hundreds of letters a day via email and postal and had to read every single one. They would handpick 10 letters to put in the President’s nightly briefing binder each night. President Obama said it was through those letters he felt most connected to the American people. Knowing this made me like Obama alittle more.

In The Revolutionary Post, I learned about how the postal system revolutionized America. Listen to it.

And most recently, in Holdout, I listened to how some developers wanted to build a shopping mall in a suburb of Seattle, right where this little old lady lived. They offered her 1 million dollars for her house (listen, this is one of those houses that you draw as a little kid. The square box with the triangle roof, with a door in the middle, it was so simple), so it wouldn’t get in the way of their LA Fitness and Trader Joes. But she said no. Well, they built that mall all around her – so close, she could lean out the window and touch the walls of the mall. What is interesting most of all, is how the building superintendent formed this sweet relationship with this “old lady”, so much so that he became her Power of Attorney. He selflessly gave us so much free time of his life to take care of her – totally the most unexpected friendship you could imagine.

Oh, just one more, I have to tell you about this one, The Trend Forecast. There is this website that big name company's pay into but basically, this company determines and predict what the trends and fashion will be two years in advance. So company’s pay to have access to this website where they have articles, “pinterest like” board, to influence creators of fashion. Interesting huh?

Other noteworthy podcast episodes here, here,  here. 

Stories from General Conference, I feel like deserves its own paragraph. This podcast is no longer running, but still available to listen to, therefore, still awesome. I remember setting up and taking down Christmas tree decorations at home listening to this podcast (weird, I should've listened to Christmas music), but it was right before my mission -- so you know that is what premies do. Each episode is a gospel topic and then they compile clips from general conference on that topic. Its super interesting, and its my go to before any church talk or lesson. 

If you in to home design and renovation (podcast link here) – this is my favorite couple ever. I seriously feel like I’m listening to a really long voicemail recording from my good friends when I listen to their weekly podcast. So good.

Bronson’s favorite podcast are How I Built This (entrepreneurship talk to the extreme). They interview the big wigs of today. Crate and Barrel, Kate Spade, the creators of Lyft, Airbnb, Instagram and Patagonia. And a favorite of both of ours is Ted Radio Hour (how can you not love the host, Guy Raz).

Some other good ones but I don't listen to religiously. 

Stories from General Conference if I want to learn something. (No but seriously, they've since stopped updating this 
Mormon Channel Daily if I want to feel spiritual. 
What Should I Read Next if I want to feel nerdy. 
Book of Mormon Central if I want to support my cousin who works for them. 
Conversations on the Mormon Channel if I want to learn more about general authorities personal life (their family life, how they met their spouse, career life, etc). Not to mention, Sheri Dew is the host!

*What podcasts am I missing out on in my life? Help me! Tell me your favorites!


  1. Emily! What an awesome podcast list. I haven't listened to hardly any of these but I'm definitely going to check them out. I just started listening to some from About Progress and finally getting into NPR politics.

  2. Those sound so interesting! I'll have to take a listen. I really enjoy one called Marriage is Funny. :)

  3. Podcasts are my jam too! I like hold out that you posted on group-me the other day. The others sound fascinating. I looked at my podcast list and realized I listen to a lot of "mom podcasts"...I need to venture out more! I do like Ted radio hour. I also like the Lifebeats project. And I am a health/fitness neRd so I sometimes listen to the rich roll podcast. I think you'd like his interview with Kerri Walsh jennings. A bit of language,unfortunately but it was interesting. The interview with dr Rachel abrams was also super fascinating. Thanks for the suggestions!


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