Visitors for dinner

Last Sunday, Bronson, Jessica and I were able to visit Grandma Moss's grave and placed some flowers there. All the grave stones were covered in snow, but amazingly after our second try of scraping snow off, we found the right one. After that we went over to Blaine & Amelie's for some yummy Sunday dinner. 
 On Monday, we had Elder Batista (Brazil) and Elder Valderas (Chile) over at our apartment for some dinner. It's good to relive the mission. Ironically, the came over on the 4 year anniversary of entering the MTC.
My new favorite obsession: roasted cherry tomatoes. Just can't believe I didn't make them sooner. SO good. #teamroastedtomatoes

I was kinda sick this week - which just makes everything else not fun. Yesterday, we went to IKEA, Columbia, and WinCo with Jessica. Yes, Bronson DID let me buy 4lbs of semi sweet mini chocolate chips from WinCo's bulk section. I found these firefighter yellow (I swear you can see these guys from outer space their bright) snow pants that I am just stoked about. Of course it was 60 degrees today which means winter is over, but next winter. You watch out. Emily is NOT go skiing and will probably go snowshoeing instead. I will, however, be a ski-lodge bum, if Bronson decides he's going to get into skiing.

Big news. I just made this homemade chicken pot pie. And PRETTY DARN proud about it. It was SUPER yummy. Recipe here. It was alittle unique in that the crust was only on the top, but I think I preferred it that way. It took quite some time to make, but VERY yummy. 

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