Valentines Day

This week.

This week I listened to "Its gonna be okay," by the piano guys about three times every morning on my way to work. Much needed, for no real reason at all.

This week was also Valentines, which in my opinion is the worst holiday ever. I think my heart turned bitter in middle school when all my friends received flowers and chocolates with hearts on their lockers, except me. It wasn't because they had secret admirers, it was the chocolate they got! Rude. This year, Bronson had cubscouts, and I wasn't too interested in making a fancy dinner, yay for BLTs. This Valentines was sans flowers, chocolates, cards, and love notes. Yep, I watched Netflix in my sweats while Bronson did homework.

The next night, we went to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner, the resturant we went to after we got engaged. It was wise on our part because we totally bypassed the Valentines Day crowds. We walked around the mall afterwards, and I think Dress Barn is my new favorite store (which I feel like should be an illegal statement for my age, but just believe me).

Thursday, we toured an apartment. And, I got my haircut. The past couple nights I've searched pinterest looking for pics of hair, and I was totally convinced I could rock the LOB (long bob). And then for good measure I looked at old photos when I got my hair cut this same week last year and it was like the screen was yelling at me "What are you thinking? Your hair short looks awful!" Totally perplexed. I hate not knowing what to do. So I went anyways, and you know that feeling you get when you are soooo nervous, your insides just want to come on the outside, thats what I was feeling. You're probably thinking, "Seriously? Its just a hair cut." But it is NOT. JUST. A. HAIRCUT. As in the movie, "Little Women," when Jo cuts her hair, Amy says to her, "Jo, how could you, your one beauty." That was playing over and over again in my head. Can you see how this was a traumatic experience for me?

But, I thought about just letting you guess what my hair looks like, but I'll provide you with a picture... Selfies are hard okay? So don't judge.

Saturday was the last home BYU Basketball game, so I obliged and went with Bronson. I always hate the idea of going, but once we go, its always fun.

I've got some videos I've made lately just for fun so I'll just share them here:

This one is a present I gave to my parents for their 42nd anniversary, last month. Its a video of our family reunion at Bear Lake last summer.

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  1. I love your haircut. Looks so cute on you. But yes, pretty tramatic experience. Can't tell you how much I love the video of our family reunion. So awesome!


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