Blue & Gold / Claire's baby blessing

This week Bronson organized the Blue and Gold cub scouts banquet. I think he did an awesome job honoring the boys, parents and cub scouts. He does alot of behind the scenes work to make cub scouts function (like two hours each Sunday just working on things). I'm proud of him because when we moved into the ward, cub scouts....was not a thing here.

Bronson doing his thang....

When I'm at work, I usually day dream of how I want to spend the evening when I come home -- and it usually is along the lines of: my couch, netflix, and popcorn. But one night I found myself making double batch of apple carrot muffins. So when it took me from 7-11pm to bake, I kept shaking my head, WHY DID I DO THIS TO MYSELF. But then I pack myself on the back because I have yummy food in my lunches during the week.

Last week I begged Bronson to help me bring down a few boxes of personal items from storage. After letting them sit untouched for a week I've been digging in. I had three boxes and I got rid of enough *stuff* I kept the most important stuff to 1 box. Its caused me to go through alot of my mission things, school report cards, journals, 5th grade autobiographies. I am no scrapbooker, but I'm putting everything important in sheet protectors and into a binder.

My parents did a wise thing and had me along with my aunts and uncles who all happened to have 6 girls in a 8 month period. 2 of the girls aren't pictured. EFY -- Taken in Dantzelle and Brad's basement cave where 10 girls slept! 

I've kept like every birthday card I have ever received! 

My greatest love during my mission -- ALFAJORES. Pepitos was obviously my favorite. (they would be candy bars to Americans) I kept just a few wrappers...because YOLO (translation: You Only Live Once -- for my 65+ senior citizen parents), right? 
My "Young Authors Day" prize from elementary school.

I guess for me, taking a picture of is felt sufficient and then I could part with it.
Marie Kondo would be so proud of me!

Today, we got to celebrate Claire Myreel's baby blessing. I haven't seen a cuter baby (until my own I suppose). But, she is a porcelain doll. Her blessing stated she comes from a heritage of strong and noble women and it is SO true.  Claire is grandchild #24. My parents came down for the occasion, when they arrived at the Johns' and swooped up Claire the minute they got in, Elliot (5) yelled, "Run Claire! Its the kissy grandpa!" My dad leaves his grandkids with chapped checks. And they all know how to ask grandma very nicely for the ipad. #bestgrandparents

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  1. Did you take all of those photos of Clair? SOooooo cute!


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