Definitely not decedents of Bob Ross

Today in church, the ward choir performed. Being the choir pianist for about a year and half now has been hard lately for me to enjoy. Yesterday I said to one of the bishopric members, "is there any special protocol to get released from your calling?" Half joking half serious. And he laughed and said, "it sounds like you would like the windows of heaven to be closed for you." And I said, "Yeah, but that means they'll be open for someone else!" I feel bad saying something like that out loud about my calling, after all it is just choir pianist, but performing has made me more and more nervous the older I get. When I was 10, my mom had Julia and I perform in church plenty of times, I was hardly ever nervous because it was such a common thing. I literally have to chant in my head "Its not general conference, its just sacrament meeting!" to get me through the hours before church.

Anyways... this week, some noteworthy moments. I was given a raise (the crazy part of it, I didn't even have to ask for it!), and we celebrate those victories in our home. Bronson let me get chick-fil-a, obviously for their waffle fries. If I had to pick only one food I could eat for the rest of my life, it very possibly would be waffle fries. Heart attack love for those things. That night we got to attend a water color painting class at the Wilk with Cecily and Clayton. Funny enough, the instructor was a girl from down the hall from us and one of Bronson's den leaders for cub scouts. Lets just say, Cecily was the only one who knew what she was doing with that paint brush. You wouldn't know if mine was done by a 4 or 24 year old. 

We've enjoyed this week of March madness, and let the record show I was 6/6 at the very beginning, until game 7 and then it doesn't really matter what happened next. But, unlike 75% of my family, I didn't choose Villanova to go all the way, so I'm still winning. 

Thursday night we attended the BYU women's NIT basketball game (disappointing lost even though we were winning most of the game!), and enjoyed fro-yo afterwards. I am usually too tired on Friday evenings to actually do anything, i figured it'd be best to have a "date" moment right then. 

Always dodging the camera

Saturday we went to the baseball game in this so perfect weather and had a ward BBQ that night. Bronson's right, there are few stadiums with a pretty backdrop then this... those mountains. Even as dry and dessert looking as they are.


  1. look at you guys being artsy!!

  2. okay that was totally not from bryan but mere. haha!


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