parents in town and first 5k ever

I'm hoping all this sunshine is here to stay -- I love this weather! You would never know it snowed earlier this week with how warm it is now. I guess it means sweater body season is up... on to the beach body :(

Monday my parents were in town and treated me to lunch with Grandma Julia.  I was supposed to have half the day off, so I could spend more time with them and the Johns in West Jordan,  but when the admissions lady called in sick, I had to fill in for her and its not one of those jobs you just can just leave from. I was so so so bummed. It took alot in my not to cry at work, and that day it seemed like one thing triggered another for making it an all around crummy day. But we survived.

I was reading my sisters blog, and came across this picture. I LOVE IT. Probably because little Jocelyn (laying on the box) depicts me the most as the youngest, watching the rest of the siblings work. Side note -- Meredith's family all have birthdays in a 35ish day span, hers, her husbands, and all 4 kids. Now you are done for birthdays for the year!

About a month ago I found a card on my keyboard at work from my boss with a gift card for the movies and a restaurant. He thanked me for all my hard work and how it helps everyone else. That made me so happy! This month marks the one year mark of working full-time and I'm shocked/amazed I'm still there. Three months in I wanted to quit so badly, but I am glad I didn't. Bronson found out that Olive Garden is doing the buy one take one home promo so we finally used it -- and got 4 meals out of it. Thank goodness because I've been pretty sick today so its nice not to have to prepare anything. 

Earlier this week, Bronson casually mentioned signing us up for the Rex Lee Run 5k race. I said sure whatever -- having no expectations about doing well. About a month or so ago I've stopped running on the treadmill because I was having really bad pain in my right foot (this happened about two years ago when I ran consistently three times a week with Bronson and it got so bad I could hardly walk for a couple weeks, so whenever the pain flares up I just stop.) So this week, I tried running again on the treadmill and I couldn't even do half a mile before the pain got bad. I was pretty discouraged and just said I'd walk the 5k, whatever. Plus I got this ingrown toe nail that needs to just leave me alone too! Sorry, TMI. Anyways, I woke up this morning feeling like I had a sinus infection all over again. I tried drinking some tea and reliv to see if that would help, but I still felt like a wreck. I could tell Bronson really wanted me to do it, so I just went wanting to get it over with ASAP. Okay, this race really isn't that big of a deal -- but to me it was! I have never done one of these things before -- let alone ran that distance! I've ran three miles 2 other times in my life. Gasp. The last time was a year ago, and I literally cried the whole last mile and maybe throwing in a few curse words too. So this was a big deal for me. I talked to one of the therapists at work, and he taped me up with this fancy tape -- and it WORKED. I didn't have any of the arch pain that I've experienced every time I ran. Bronson and I agreed that he would run with me, regardless of how slow, unless I started walking he would just go on with out me. When we reached mile 2, I was slowing down even more and I could tell he wanted to go, so we pinky promised I wouldn't walk. This is like super detailed. But, hey first timer. I was only about 3 minutes behind him and I was so happy to cross the finish line I almost burst into tears and didn't stop hugging Bronson for a minute because I thought I was going to collapse. So, despite the sinus infection, plantar fasciitis, ingrown toenail, and no training whatsoever, I survived. All thanks to Bronson who coached me on like I was on "biggest loser". No joke. 

We went to WinCo afterwards and Bronson put a box of Reeses Puffs in the cart for me as my reward. :) 
We are going to the Ben Rector concert in a few hours. And I got a spiralizer this week -- I am so excited to try it! 
Jocelyn baby turned 2!

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  1. One thing I forgot to add on my other comment. Do you remember when you got first place at the 4th of july Freedom run?? ;) haha! So you've always conquered at races!


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