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Alive and well are we. Weekends seem to go too fast around here. Friday night we went to the temple. After celebrating the year anniversary of the dedication of the Provo City Center Temple, I challenged myself to go more often. I can't believe I don't go more often considering the saints in Argentina have to ride 24 hours one way to go to the temple. They save all year for one trip to the temple. And somehow I find a million excuses not to walk 10 minutes north to the temple. If you see me regularly, ask me how my temple attendance is going. 

It has been another fun week of March Madness and a mid-week date to a pastel art class with Clayton and Cecily. If I ever find any regrets in the corners of my heart for not doing some art degree, I was quickly reminded how that would have never worked out. I'll be an artist in other ways. 

Bronson and I helped clean the church Saturday morning. The whole day was off and on rain and totally depressing. How did I live in Oregon for 18 years? We live all week for Saturdays so the weather was being a stick in the mud for my day. But we did alittle shopping -- the best therapy. I decided to watch the broadcast at home (it was raining, okay?) and wept silently on my couch -- it was so good! It was a beautiful Women's Conference and made me excited for this upcoming weekend.

After church today, Bronson's striking out with his home teaching companion and I visit teach a sister that he home teaches, so I put some cookies on a plate, and we went over unannounced. Luckily, they let us in (I mean they are active members of the church! haha) and we had a great hour chat with them. We then went over to Lynette and Ian's for dinner -- and Shylie girl is so cute! She is walking and talking! She grew up so fast.

No other news to report here, but so excited to spend time with family this week, Michelle this week and my parents this weekend!

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