A week of spring & friends

We thought we were in the thick of Spring until we woke up to a dusting of snow on the ground and mountains. This week has probably been the most social week of our lives. 

On Monday we so depressingly watched Gonzaga lose the NCAA Basketball championship. I was THIIIIS close from winning the prize from our Credit Union for the #1 Bracket, and ALMOST considered getting a PhD in Bracketology -- I obviously ALMOST had a thing for predicting which college teams were going to win. I made swachos (sweet potato nachos), so we weren't completely depressed. 

On Wednesday we had my companion Whitney and her husband Matt join us for dinner. Its laughing 24/7 when you are with Whitney. Holy cow, I forgot about how crazy those 6 weeks with her were -- and by crazy I mean : wonderful, hilarious, the best, most fun. 
We talked about how when we moved into a new apartment in downtown we didn't have electricity or plumping for a week! So we would fill up a pot with water (from filtered water 5 gallon jugs we were delivered weekly), put it over the stove, once it was hot enough, we would take it to the bathroom and scoop water out of cup to "bathe" ourselves. Or when I broke "washer" which was really just a barrel of water that agitated the water. I broke it and caused all sorts of water damage in the apartment! whoops! Or when we sang a song to a deaf lady and Whitney had a laugh attack. You just don't realize how great it was to be Whitney's companion! 

I secretly prayed my whole mission that we could be companions

 Photos above are when I broke the washer and making Whitney do work while I take pictures...

It wasn't uncommon to have a 45 minute walk to members home for lunch each day. Not sure why I am STILL gained weight with all the walking, but its possible. :) 

The cookies I'm holding are like 10 pesos, and we realized we were NOT going to pay that much for a cookie, but since we were American the guy gave us each a free cookie! :) 

Our eternal investigator Elvio with his mother, giving us heaps of grapes off the vine on their patio. Super common for people to have. 

Friday we went to Five Guys and Fries and ran into the senior couple that served in our YSA ward. It makes me feel pretty good when they actually remembered us! I sure liked the Burtons.

Saturday morning we celebrated Hayley's birthday BFF and ex-roommate with crepes. It was just Kacy and Hayley and not the whole fan club, but it was still fun to chat with someone about something other than sports (wink wink Bronson ;). Luckily my friends forgive me for a) forgetting a few ingredients in the crepes and b) eating crepes with their hands because I am so not on top of my game and didn't start the dishwasher for a few days = no silverware.

That night we went to see Beauty and the Beast AND we each got FREE popcorn! I know you're like "HOW CAN I BE YOU EMILY?" I know I know. We just have the cinemark app on our phone and earn points for doing things like putting our phone in cinemode during a movie and buying tickets and linking them to our account. Popcorn is one of those things that I will request in heaven. I love popcorn so much. I blame my sister Julia who became an expert at making popcorn at the age of 8.

Bronson almost clapped after one of the songs in the movie, so I think that's a pretty good sign it was GOOD.

And today, we had dinner with 2 couples from our ward (Webbs & Godderidges). They are awesome people!

Lastly, are you watching Relative Race? Holy smokes it is so much better than last season. I have cried literally EVERY episode, it is so touching (just believe me!).

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