being sick, forks over knives, and bronson's almost done with school

OPERATION: GET BETTER -- except, I learned you're supposed to have a Cool Mist Humidifier, so I returned the warm one haha. 

They say you have to spend 10,000 hours doing something to become an expect. I think this week will complete my 10,000th hour of being sick.

Luckily, I feel like I was given alot of help - in regards to tips, ideas - while I was sick and I hope compiling everyones recommendations together I can combat getting sick. Ever. Again. Please!?

This has been my third sinus infection since Christmas. Which doesn't sound like alot, but feels like a lot, since each sickness takes about 2+ weeks to really get over.

Some things I realized:
1. It takes alot of work to get better. I took Wednesday off from work, partially because I sounded like a horse and partially because I was dependent on kleenexes every moment of the day. Not a pretty sight. Instead of doing the typical "lay in bed all day," I was drinking hot teas every half-hour. I used and abused the NetiPot. And I breathed over a boiling pot with essential oils mixed in over and over again.

2. My new, latest and greatest invention is the roll on the belt. As aforementioned, I need some toilet paper every moment of the day and I got annoyed walking back and forth to the bathroom so I grabbed my belt, threaded the toilet paper roll through and fastened it around my waist. I even wore that thing while I napped. New BFF. Worst idea I've had was send this picture to my co-worker who sent me a "get better soon!" text. I went to work to find out everyone saw it. Just lost my coolness reputation.

3. The NetiPot. I saw my sister use it years ago -- and its like the weirdest thing you'll see. But, after she coached me on the phone and a few YouTube videos later I tried it. And I did it 7 more times that day. I think on the 8th time I finally became an expert on it.

4. Documentaries. I love a good documentary. And on Monday night we watched "Fed Up," for one of Bronson's classes. My goodness it made me so grateful I don't have a soda pop addiction, a mother who cooked homemade meals every night, and growing up in a family with the means to participate in athletics and other activities that contributed to a healthy lifestyle.

On Wednesday though, I did watch "Forks Over Knives," a documentary on the health benefits of a plant based diet. I have a few family members that eat a whole foods plant based diet -- and I made fun of them for it, and I feel so bad about that. Now, I completely understand why they do. If you want to watch something that will make you re-think what you put in your body, watch it. Plant based diet is eating whole foods that are non-animal products (so no meat or dairy). Excluding ice-cream from my diet will be probably the hardest thing for me, so baby steps, but my family members have already shared great alternative recipes for yummy desserts. But what ultimately "shook" me was when they showed a double by pass surgery, and they took an artery from a man's leg and put it in his heart, and showing all the cholesterol that had blocked his artery. That was ENOUGH for me to realize I needed to make some lifestyle changes. Another interesting part that was absolutely AMAZING was how they showed how real life individuals who suffered from Type II Diabetes and how their diabetes was REVERSED with plant based eating. Get out.

Bronson's not totally on board with plant based eating and thats okay. However, after watching that documentary, it completely changed my mindset about food/lifestyle. I want to live well and be healthy ESPECIALLY after we retire and I believe the best way to do that is healthy eating and exercise. But first, I got to get better! Which, I will need to cut out dairy for a month to see if that helps decreases my sinus infection problems.

5. Being sick as an adult is overrated. When I was talking to my mom on the phone she said, "I wish I could bring you some chicken noodle soup." We hung up and that sounded SO good. I was picking up Bronson at the time and as soon as he got in the car I said, "You are going to make chicken noodle soup!" Bronson said, "For who?!" Me: "FOR ME!" And he did.

One cool thing from this week, my cousin Haley Smith, launched a baby quilt and swaddle line. They are ADORABLE. I just need every single one. They are so cute. Check it out HERE.

Bronson had a final on Friday and Saturday and we went to Firehouse subs and frozen yogurt to celebrate - his favorite. He has two more to go and then we leave for Hawaii in a week. This time next year he will be graduating and this time last year I graduated! The weather here has been absolutely beautiful -- so invigorating! Here's to hopefully a better week than last week!

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