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Posting this picture, because its the farthest thing from reality. You'll find me in my bed surrounded by water bottles and Kleenexes. 

I'll just skip the usual boring stuff from the week and cut to the chase. Bronson and I are moving! And this is where it gets really anti-climatic. We are moving half a mile east. Whoot whoot! 

We love the apartment we are living in, the security of the apartment complex, being the FIRST residents to live in these walls, the big picture windows that shed so much light in the mornings, the white subway tile *ahh*, we are going to miss everything about this place. But because they seem it fit to charge you more Benjamins than I care to give, we are moving. 

We will move in a couple months -- and then after that, who knows where! Bronson is already looking at potential jobs for post-graduation and it makes me excited to think that wherever we move to, although we won't know ANYONE, the church makes it pretty easy to make friends and feel comfortable. 

The way we got our apartment was the manager came over to our apartment and interviewed us for 30 minutes. He does this for all the applicants so he can get a feel for who everyone is. What was really going through my head was : what? are we going through an adoption agency process where they come and see your house and interact with you?! So I cleaned the house for hours to the point where it looked like we didn't even live here. That stressed Bronson out like crazy. What we weren't expecting was him to offer us the apartment right then and there. But we signed over our security deposit check and he left -- I was half relieved we didn't have to keep looking, half relieved it was cheaper than the rent we would have to start paying, and relieved we would still be in the same ward. 

In other news this week, Bronson volunteered to shuttle students from universities around the country who came to BYU for a country wide Information Systems convention. At the end of the evening they had excess Cafe Rio (like... we got a TON of pork, rice, chips and salsa). We are talking a TON. Which served nicely as our Easter Dinner with Jessica and Allison #nocooking!

Friday night we attended the BYU softball game -- we have had such beautiful weather it seemed like a sin not to go out and enjoy the game. Saturday Bronson played the game, "lets see how long I can do homework," and did so until about 6pm. I practiced the piano at the church for 2 hours in anticipation for Ward Choir the next day. And took on and off naps from a killer migrane all day. I woke up feeling sick but thought it would pass, but just got worse as the day goes on. One thing I'm learning is despite how you feel, you still have a husband that needs to eat, so I made homemade pizza. Which is kinda nice to have a staple every Saturday night of pizza. 

This Easter sunday was nice. I was so bummed I wasn't feeling well, I feel like it took the "Easter Spirit" out of me. I reflected back on my first Easter on my mission -- it was in a Spanish Branch in Idaho Falls and for the lesson they played the Lamb of God in Spanish. I didn't understand any of the words, but I felt so personally and individually love from my Heavenly Father and my gratitude and testimony of Jesus Christ's Atonement changed. Even though I've been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints all my life and learned Sunday after Sunday about the Atonement of Jesus Christ, it wasn't until my mission that I had these soul moving moments where I felt so deeply the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I was desperate for everyone to hear about the gospel because of the way I felt - and I wanted people to feel what I felt. 

Tonight we watched the Prince of Peace and I am Mormon videos for an hour -- I love those videos. 

GAH No pictures. WHAT HAPPENED? Oh, yeah, its called getting sick. AGAIN. Every month since Christmas. Just like clockwork. 

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  1. Why have I not seen this picture or remember it? It's one of my favorite of you guys!
    Sorry you've been sick---but way to make dinner despite it all! You are better than me!


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