my favorite omelet

Usually parents have to find sneaky ways to hide veggies in food for their kids to eat. Well, I'm here to tell you that age 24, you might still do that if you are me.

After much deliberation and debate, I decided to buy a spiralizer. Is that already old news? I can't remember. But some people (ahem *Bronson* ahem) said it would just sit on our counter untouched. So mostly I want to prove him wrong and incoporate it in our meals as much as possible.

One morning, oh, that would be Saturday, the ONLY day of the week I have time to make a hot meal, I made an omelet. I spiralized a red pepper very thinly and sauted it (no oil) on side of the skillet, and grabbed a huge fistful of spinach and placed on the other side. I poured alittle bit of water on it to simmer down and wilt. Once soft, I threw two eggs on top and mixed it all together. Not exactly sure what it was, the salt? the pepper? the spinahc? or maybe I was just starving, but it was SO yummy.

I guess I had such low expectations for how this would turn out that I didn't know it could be this good.

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