April Gardner Update


The biggest and best news of the week : Bronson finished classes and finales! We officially half-way through the master's program. This semester he had 4 masters classes and 1 general, art history. I just want to kiss whoever decided to make the MISM (Masters of Information Systems) an integrated program (where you take a mix of bachelors and masters classes at the same time). 

I am thrilled Bronson doesn't have homework in the evenings anymore, because this means we will talk for more than just the 30 minutes we have at dinner! Holla! This could potentially be our last summer in Utah so we need to live it up and do everything we've talked about doing. 

This week, I got a second calling as Activity Day leader (I guess they don't call it Achievement day girls anymore?). Now Bronson and I will both be at the church Tuesday evenings. There is alot of missionary work to be done among the Activity Day girls, we only have one girl who attends church, and the rest are inactive, so it sounds fun! But I sure feel out of touch. We subbed in Primary today (oh gosh, I wouldn't mind staying there for awhile, its so less stiff and hilarious than Sunday School and Relief Society :)) and Bronson can quickly whip those kids inline -- i guess he's used to it now from cubscouts. 

Friday we were going to to go the temple, but I had to stay late at work to finish a few things since I have some deadlines to meet on Monday before we leave for Hawaii! We went to Lucy's Brazilian Kitchen -- this cute place on University. And I'm ready to live by the statement that they have acai bowls that are worth dying for. They are so good.

Saturday, we walked to the temple and did sealings. There were 22 couples getting married that day. This was the first Saturday Bronson didn't have hours and hours of homework to do, and the first Saturday I was feeling better -- which caused us to spend nearly the entire day out and about. We finally came home after 11 hours -- and 18K steps later. We went to the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival in the afternoon and spent some time at the outlet mall. We made a rule we can only watch TV if its dark outside, so we came home and watched The Amazing Race. Bronson introduces me to the best stuff ever. I know its 2017 and I'm just now finally watching an episode of the Amazing Race.

I will say -- I initially thought that the Tulip festival would be an imitation of Holland's Tulip Festival, but not quite. Instead of fields and fields of tulips, it was like you walked along a path and there was a patch of tulips there and a patch of tulips here. What really made the trip worth it though was the Light of the World exhibit, with statues of Christ from different hallmarked times in His life and ministry.

I want one of these in my backyard someday. Take note Bronson.

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