Day 1 : Pearl Harbor & Lanikai Hike/Beach

A while back, Bronson and I decided to use our tax return to make a trip out to Hawaii to visit my sister Meredith and her family. This became our "tax return - before we have kids - have to go visit my sister - once in a lifetime" type of trip, and now, after returning home, I am so glad we went. It was so much fun. 

I wanted to share bits and pieces of what we did so I don't forget myself. And while we only had seven days on the island -- I feel the variety of things we did helped us to get a taste for what this island has to offer. 

We departed SLC 5pm to San Francisco and then to Honolulu arriving 3am our time and 11pm Hawaii time. Meredith told us to sleep in, but I was so excited to see the kids, I woke up at 5:15am waiting for them to get up. To give you an idea, I'm the person that waits in bed for as long as possible before I have to get up -- so when I say I was excited, I was really excited. 

We got to send the kids off to school at the bus stop. Cute Christian hugs everyone goodbye, then gets in line for the bus, and yells, "I forgot kisses!" And hurries and run back to his mom to get a few kisses. 

Tuesday morning we spent some time at Pearl Harbor touring the USS Bowfin submarine and the USS Arizona Memorial. 

Pearl Harbor, Honolulu

Look! they even had kitchen aids back then! 

I reallly like my queen size bed. 

USS Arizona Memorial

Remains of the USS Arizona

Some take aways: 
- Go early so you get a parking spot & get early tickets for the ferry ride to visit the Arizona Memorial. We arrived at 10am and the earliest ferry ride was 1pm. 
- The submarine tour is $12.50 which gives you a narrated tour of the submarine and access to the submarine museum with a narrated tour. 
- We spent about 3.5 hours there and felt that was sufficient. We packed a lunch so we didn't have to pay $12 for a hotdog haha

Lanikai Hike & Beach

This is the perfect hike to do before you go to the beach. From the road, Meredith pointed to where we would be hiking and I about died it looked so high. But then you start and realize you're hiking at sea level and not Utah's elevation.... ahh.... so nice on the lungs. 

This hike was about 1.5 hours roundtrip. And if you think you can't do it, well, let me tell you that my 4 year old nephew, Hudson, did it all by himself, and shoeless too on burning hot rocks. 

This hike gave you all the postcard perfect views. You see the rich beachfront neighborhood and the two islands out in the distance. The water is crystal blue and the sand was pretty coarse which I was not expecting Hawaii's sand to be like. It was a smaller beach which I liked. We parked on a residential road that was halfway between the beach and halfway between the starting point of the hike. 

Some take aways: 
- Parking is sparse in Hawaii. When you find something, just take it. 
- Most Hawaiian locals will wear flip flops for hikes, or even barefoot, but I found hiking shoes to be helpful. 
- Not a shaded hike, so bring sunscreen and lots of water. No restrooms. 
- Climb on the pillbox to get your most liked picture on instagram yet! ;)

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  1. So fun!! And you took some awesome pictures with your camera. Maybe I could hire you to come along on our trip when we make it. ;)


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