DAY 5 | Kuliouou Ridge Hike & Aloha Stadium

A must see and recommended by everyone was the Aloha stadium. On Saturday for a few hours, all these vendors sell the exact same stuff as the vendor next to them around the Aloha Stadium. But, of course as tourists, we had to see it.

After walking past the fifth vendor we realized everyone was selling the exact same typical Hawaiian tourist merchandise that you just had to buy to prove you were in Hawaii. It was so crowded and awful to find a parking spot that we vowed we would only walk around for a bit and head home. Before we knew it, we had walked around the whole stadium. I guess the replica vendors are just really that enticing! haha It was fun though. We bought hawaiian sandals, some wood plates, some salad tongs, a keychain, a hat, and some key wristlets. We will NEVER forget our time in Hawaii now. :)

Later that afternoon Meredith wanted to take us on one of her favorite hikes. Its called the Kuliouou Ridge Hike, see more about it here. When she found some residential parking (i know, i know, there is NO parking in Hawaii), she pointed to where we would be hiking and my stomach flipped a few times. And a few more. It was hecka high and I really doubted my leg capabilities. We started up the hike and it wasn't too bad and rather enjoyable. Duh, I forgot we were hiking at sea level. It wasn't until about 1.5 miles Meredith said, "yeah we are almost there." But thats when it got hard. Like every ten steps I was taking a breather. And whizzing up the mountain is Meredith, 4 months pregnant and hiking like she's walking on the sidewalk. I kept yelling to Meredith and Bronson (Bryan had to stay late at the hospital, meredith is such a good sport), "hey remember me!? I'm still here, dying!"

Regardless of how much I complained, the views were some of the very best and every half a mile you were walking through different Hawaii forestry.

Really happy with my choice to purchase life insurance -- especially at times when I'm this high. 
4 MONTHS and rocking it

We went to the top of that mountain. Evidence that Bryan eventually joined us on the hike, halfway down the mountain. 

Rewarded ourselves with an acai bowl in this shack of a resturant that apparently Obama himself visited. Thanks Yelp for being the best travel guide ever. Wouldn't have found this place without you. 

Spending time with Meredith in Hawaii totally kickstarted this urge to spend more time outdoors and more time being active. She was such a great example of that. Bowing down to her for basically being a single mom, 4 months pregnant, and totally keeping her cool, ALL THE TIME. ROCKSTAR MOM.

Some takeaways: 
- Do do do do this hike. Your fitbit will thank you and all your friends are going to be so jealous
- Go to this place. Can't remember what its called. But Obama went there, so should you.
- Eat Teddy's fries afterwards. SO GOOD. Especially their ranch kind. SO GOOD. I live for fries.


  1. Love all of your pictures! The kids are adorable and Hawaii is so beautiful!!!

  2. I've had some fun reminiscing (sp??) on your week here! You captured some awesome shots! The kids still talk about you guys! And everytime Hudson hears your name he immediately says "oh my gosh....." hahaha!

  3. Meredith, I bow down to you, too! That hike looks awesome!


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