Happy mothers day

I need to interrupt this Hawaii tour to take a minute and honor my mom for mothers day (6 days late!).

Mother's day is pretty special because I love spending the time thinking about how much my mom has influenced my life. I couldn't stop saying mini prayers throughout the day thanking Heavenly Father for letting me come to my family and have my mom and dad as parents.

I was talking to some co-workers recently and they said, "You are such a good employee, you must have the best mother ever, she did something right." They were right -- I do have the best mother!

I made this video as a tribute to my mom and the 40+ years of mothering she has endured so patiently and gracefully. I of course left out all the moments where I was crying -- but even if they were included, you would have seen my mom there, holding, consoling, and comforting. It is unbelievably remarkable all that my mother has done, does, and will do even with her physical challenges of polio. She is one awesome lady!


  1. No doubt about it, she's one sweet lady with a beautiful posterity!

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  3. Thank you sweet, Emily. You are so generous with your praise to me, but I do love it! You honor me every day by your good life. I love you so much.


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