Memorial day weekend

If we weren't adults before, we are adults now, because we bought a washer and dryer! EEEPPPAA. Thats what people said in Argentina and it felt like an appropriate time to say it.

Friday night, Bronson and I (but mostly I) were so bummed we didn't have anyone to go camping with. We had asked about 6 different couples to come with us -- and then we ran out of couples we felt comfortable spending 12 hours non stop with -- so with no more friends to ask we just weren't sure what to do. And our nights of Friday night Netflix marathoning are O.V. E. R.  We are looking for fun! Camping has always been a social thing for us so we were a bit hesitant to go by ourselves, and looking back I have no idea why - we had so much fun!

So after moaning on the bed after work Friday because we "weren't" going camping, we decided to call Utah Lake State Park and see if they had any openings (that was some sort of inspiration, because online they said they were completely full), and they had 3 spots left! We hung up and tore the house apart gathering our sleeping bags, tent, cast iron skillet, sleeping pads (The Gardner's gave us some for Christmas -- and that was the best night sleep I've had it was so great!), etc. We were pretty unprepared but we made it work.

We got to the lake and Bronson got out and set up the tent while I went to Smiths and bought food. After eating three hot dogs each -- don't judge it was 8pm by the time we had dinner and were starving. We went on a long walk around the lake and witness the most stunning sunset I've seen. Well, that was just a bonus to walking off the three hot dogs. From the lake you could see all the surrounding mountain ranges it was so cool.

We got back and started a fire, a small enough to roast a few marshmallows and then went to bed by 10pm. We slept so well in our Taj Mahal two-man-tent. Those sleeping pads rival our mattresses.

Bronson told me before we got married that all he wanted in a wife was an outdoorsy girl -- totally making his dreams come true right about now.

There were less fuzzy pictures... but whats the fun in that.
We brought the headlamps just incase we weren't successful building a fire. 

When your socks and shoes are on point #ColumbiaForLife

The walk to burn off the 3 hot dogs we ate

A man and his grill... if only.... 

Sun + Water = best combo

You totally underestimated Utah's beauty didn't you

When you can't even go one night without TV. We were the ONLY ones in a tent and NOT an RV. #poorlife

Visual point of reference for just how small our tent is. 
 Saturday we attended a baptism in our ward that they asked me to play the piano for last minute. And after that we went to RC Willey and bought a washer and dryer! My stomach did a few flips once we got to the car. Its rare you ever spend that much money at once. After that we went to the park and played SpikeBall and KanJam with Jai and Brittany which ended after Brittany got hit in the eye with the frisbee. She got a nice shiner. We did some grocery shopping and went on our 5 mile run that I was so freaked out for! We ran the 5 miles in just under 55 minutes which was my goal! We got subway for dinner and then visited Jessica at the mall since she works at Aeropostale. We finally got to sit on the couch and do nothing by 9pm that night. We were amazed at how much we did that day.

Sunday we enjoyed dinner with the Moss Family but most especially the time we got to visit the cemetery. I love love love seeing the cemeteries peppered with flowers everywhere and great big flags. I love even more seeing all the families come to visit and honor loved ones. I'm glad we live close to Bronson's family members who have passed away so we can have these opportunities to visit the cemetery -- because we wouldn't otherwise.

Monday we went for an early 3 mile run. The first mile is always the most brutal. Then we drove to Provo Canyon to do the Big Springs Hollow Hike -- which was a beautiful hike and trail. You pass between open meadows to flocks of aspen trees and back and forth. The end of the hike was anticlimactic since the water has been capped from running down stream, but along the way its a beautiful 4 mile hike. It was so neat to see so many families gathering together -- one of the reasons I like Utah so much. Unfortunately, when we left the canyon we were stuck in traffic for nearly an hour and we knew it couldn't be good when we heard siren after siren, with KSL and Life and Rescue helicopters hovering over the canyon. An hour later as we were able to move, we saw life and rescue men, police men, fireman stationed every 50 feet along the Provo River ready to jump in. A four year old girl had been playing near the Provo River and fell in, which is running extremely fast with a dangerously strong current. Her mother and a few other bystanders who witnessed the incident went running after her. Three bystanders were able to get out of the water, but the child, her mother, and another heroic bystander were all killed. It was hard to feel happy when you know those families must be feeling so devastated.

We got Smashburger with Jessica because we got no grill, and don't live in no house. We spent the rest of the evening at home -- with good reason we were pretty wiped out. It was such a fun weekend! The last two years we have gone down to St. George for Memorial Day weekend, so it was fun to stay local and explore Utah a bit more.

In other news... Bronson is totally official #internshiplife

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  1. Beautiful pictures! What a fun filled weekend!


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