Over the weekend

It's hard to believe we are nearly done with May -- and to think we were in Hawaii earlier this month. It feels so far away. I wondered if I stayed in Hawaii forever if anyone would notice I was missing from work.

During the weeks, Bronson and I haven't done much of anything besides working, running, cubscouts and Activity Day girls.  But our weekends stay packed.

Last weekend we attended the temple Friday and ate some Cafe Rio. Saturday we conquered 4 miles which I was pretty nervous about. It has been so awesome to have that feeling of conquering fears. That afternoon we drove to Aspen Grove and hiked Stewart Falls. It was beautiful! And it was a beautiful day for my fitbit too... finishing with around 23,000 steps! We got back in time for the Saturday Adult session of Stake Conference. Sunday we enjoyed Stake Conference. While Bronson watched Random Acts on BYUTV -- some of their episodes are kinda weird, but one of them had me bawling in the kitchen it was so good! If you have a chance to watch it you should! They do some amazing things for me people. I decided to make a pound cake since I am no lover of cake, but I do love pound cake. Halfway through the baking process I smelt something burning and asked Bronson if he smelled that too. He said no, so I didn't think much of it, but sure enough when I went to check on it, quite a bit of batter had spilled over and on the bottom of the stove. That afternoon we drove to Utah Lake to walk their trails -- it was the perfect spring/summer day! We invited our friends Jai and Brittany over to help eat the cake.

I spy Bronson

Everyday this week we've been running. I have never ran this many days consistently in my whole life. Last week we ran 13-14 miles. For me, this is a huge baby steps. And this week we ran about 15 miles -- including yesterday running 5 miles, which was a huge milestone for me. Bronson has been a great coach and motivator. While we were running there were so many times I just wanted to stop and walk and turn around -- and it would have been so much easier. But I'm glad I am running with someone who doesn't care about how slow I go and keeps me accountable. I am loving all the endorphins! I just can't believe I haven't done this my whole life! Its pretty empowering smashing all these fears of running long distances. It definitely wasn't easy and might of said the first couple letters of every cuss word because I was frustrated/tired/in pain/trying to keep going type of moment, hah, but we did it! Here are there I've done Yoga with Adriene and I REALLY like it!

During the weekends I'm trying to go through our home videos and turning the DVDs into digital videos on YouTube -- its a bigger undertaking than I thought. My parents sure have quite a bit of footage on us. :)

This week on Thursday, we walked over to the Food Truck Round-Up, we figured we better go before we move. Its basically all these food trucks come to this giant parking lot and you can order food. The only food truck that wasn't outrageously expensive was the Argentine cuisine! It happened to be May 25th which is "National Day" celebrating the constitution of the first government and becoming independent from Spain. So it was fitting we got two empanadas. I told the lady I lived in Argentina for a bit, and she threw in an extra sauce for free.


  1. Thanks for posting! I love to see/hear the latest about your adventures!

  2. Wow! There are a lot of wow's in this post. That cake looks pretty amazing, and those steps, well just say that I do about that many steps in a week. So impressed with you guys and your running and all the other good things you do.


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