10K, Moving, Jessica's Birthday

Saturday - I woke up at 3am starving and nervous. Poor Bronson says sleeping with me is like sleeping with a newborn. After I ate some food, I went back to bed until 5am. I really underestimated how early you had to get up for running races and factor in moving exhaustion, I felt it. We got dressed and jogged to the buses that would take us to the starting line. This could not have been a more perfect race for us. The location of the buses was 5 blocks south of our apartment and the finish line was 4 blocks north of our apartment. It was so ideal! We got to the starting line an hour before the actual race so we had plenty of time to walk and jog and stay warm. It was the most beautiful scenery, and that perfect crispy morning air that I love (ah! I am loving Utah so much right now!).

I ran into my cousin Olivia at the starting line which was a fun surprise.

At the first mile mark there were tons of people cheering and I got pretty emotional -- haha I didn't even know these people, but it felt good to have people cheering. I tried to keep my laser focus and Bronson kept checking his fitbit and kept proding me to pick up the pace and run harder, that ticked me off, obviously because I felt like I was already running fast, but he did that because he knew I could run faster. In the end I'm glad he kept coaching me because I was able to finish near my goal time. Mile after mile, I just focused on one person until I passed them and then focused on the next. Bronson ran with me all the way until Mile 5 and then he sprinted off and ran the last mile around 7ish minutes. Crazy. I just wanted to keep my pace. I checked my fitbit and thought it said 58 minutes at Mile 5. I was bummed, I really wanted to beat my time from last week. I decided to look again and realized my fitbit said 50 minutes. I start freaking out. We had been running much faster than I thought and I realized I could finish in exactly 1 hour, which was my goal. I started running harder and faster and ran a 9:15 mile while all the other miles were avg pace of 9:50 (which may seem slow, but that was fast for me!). I saw my cousin Olivia again 8 blocks from the finish line. I just had to repeat so many mantras to myself in my mind over and over again to keep going. I finally passed the finish line at 1 hour and 51 seconds. I feel really confident that I could have finished right at 1 hour if I didn;t have to re-tie my shoes at mile 2. I nearly began crying when I finish -- just super happy that I finished and finished far better than I imagined I could. I mean, three weeks ago we remembered we had signed up for this race and I had a hard time running 1.5 miles during my lunch break. It's good to be 24 and be able to train and progress so much.

 What an awesome finish line!

And I took a million selfies... because you never know when this is going to happen again.

Now, 3 miles doesn't scare me anymore like it used to. We are hoping to run a half in August, but we will see. :) After walking around eating creamies we walked home and loaded up the car for more moving.

We also had our new washer and dryers delivered! They're beautiful.Once they got it all set up we did our first load and just sat and watched it. Totally mesmerized. We really wanted to be careful since they're brand new so we were careful about checking all the pockets for pens and bobby-pins. Somehow on our first load we still managed to let a pen go through -- luckily no ink stains. And the second load, even more careful, and yet my BELT went through the washer. Please explain to me how that happens. #adulting or at least trying to.

We went back to our old apartment and cleaned for about 4 hours. The only thing we had left to move was our bed and mattresses. The very thing we had been putting off for as long as possible. It was this moment where we were just staring at the mattresses wondering how we were going to lift it on top of the car in my nearly dead state of being. I tell you I was completely exhausted. I was begging to die. And then at that moment Cecily & Clayton texted me and said, "Do you need help moving?"
And then they were over in minutes. Bless them. Seriously don't know what we would have done without them. And on top of that they totally made me in a better mood.

After moving the bed we went and got Asian food.
I'm exhausted just thinking about what we did this weekend.

Sunday, we went to church, had choir practice, unpacked a bit, and went back for another 5 hours of cleaning in anticipation for the final check out on Monday morning. In hindsight we way over cleaned for how quickly they walked through the apartment with us, but oh well. We just built more character I guess.

Monday, we handed over our keys, I could breathe again, and later that evening went to dinner with Jessica for her birthday. Her roommates made her strawberry shortcake, which should be the only cake one should eat. We've loved spending the last few years with Jessica in Provo.


  1. Those fish and chips look amazing! And congrats again on running! Such an awesome accomplishment!

  2. Running that race and moving in the same day, whoa baby! What an undertaking! So proud of you for training and doing so well!


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