Entering June

June is one of my favorite months. The promise of summer nipping at my toes. The weather in Utah is nearly 100% perfect during this month.  Crisp cool early mornings, an afternoon heat, and a warm evening.

Short story of the weekend: Ran, shopped and celebrated.

Long story of the weekend: First of all, Bronson started his internship this week! We are equal parts happy as we are....whats the right word....adjusting. Our early morning runs are now over, which is unfortunate, because I was perfectly content with going on a run, eating breakfast and then dropping him off at the BYU Broadcasting building and I heading on to work. Now, its all business. Bronson usually has to be on the 6:50 or 7:10 train -- all businessy attire -- and doesn't get home until 6:30 or so. We are adjusting to the earlier departure times and trying to schedule in running or eating dinner at night.
Both of our job require "business casual" but he definitely emphasizes the Business, and I emphasize the casual. 

Friday evening after work, we didn't have any plans -- we really should have gone camping again to keep any sadness on my part at bay, but trying to be responsible adults and seeing there were things we needed to get done we didn't. We did need to run a longer run and ran 4 miles. The first mile is always excruiatingly hard -- like no part of my body wants to move. But by mile 2 I was like in auto-pilot mode and never felt better. The 2 miles back was a bit harder. Saturday, exactly one week from our race, we ran 6 miles -- the BIG KAHUNA. I knew one thing, I wanted to enjoy the run. So I told Bronson we had to run along the Provo River Trail to accomplish this -- a) the scenery -- its beautiful b) there is LOTS of shade. Much needed for an hour long run. c) no stop lights, no weird curbs, not tons of cars staring at us. d) did I mention the scenery/environment - birds chirping, horses, cows, ducks. We did it! And it was hard. It took alot of mental strength to keep running and not start walking. When I say it was hard, I mean it. A variety of different parts of my body hurt (I've definitely got some work to do in the running realm!).
Not pictured: My face which was every shade of red

After our run, we debated whether we should start packing for our move or go play. If you know either of us, you can probably guess we picked the latter. We went to Sierra Trading Post -- the store where I have 24 items in their cart that I just DREAM about buying. Mostly all things for the home, pretty bowls and cups and such...a girl can dream. But at the same time I've been more interested in camping, hiking, backpacking and all that outdoorsy stuff. We bought me a hiking backpack! Insert squeal. And Bronson insisted (okay...if i must! ;) on getting a small hiking backpack as well with a water bladder -- I've always envied people with those. We are planning our first overnight backpacking trip the weekend after we move, so if I'm still alive, I'll update you on how that goes.
Bronson reminded me real backpacking doesn't include s'mores, I was a bit bummed at first, but I think I'm over it now. We window shopped at REI and Scheels (which is like a Cabellas, Mall of America, Dicks Sporting Good hybrid).
Stealing Bronson's hobbies one at a time... first camping, then running, now backpacking.
 Then we got home only to turn around and go to one of my roommates, Hannah Whipple Judd, from San Jose, CA, Open House in American Fork. When I lived with Hannah at the time we were the only ones without boyfriends so we became really close. She is a stellar individual, just graduated from BYU with her Masters in Accounting and her husband is starting Medical School this fall, and shortly after that she will start her PhD in Accounting.

Nearly identical rings... we must have good taste.

Hannah & Caitlyn. I was room roommates with Caitlyn (Washington), who got married on my mission and teaches
4th grade for the past three years.
Sunday as normal, and I got to subbed on the piano in Primary (dream calling!) and had ward choir practice. Later that afternoon we had Jessica over for dinner -- we ate so well, Bronson made our favorite quinoa enchiladas (meatless but still delicious!), I made a green salad with candied walnuts, strawberries, moz cheese and homemade poppyseed dressing and Jessica made a delicious fruit salad. We skyped with my family for our monthly skype session and played cards with Jessica.

Some more random pics:
HELLO BABY. A new addition to the kitchen. High pitch squeal again. I apologized to Bronson that we are
so good at spending money on me. whoops. :) 

We finalllllllly finished! It's amazing we didn't lose any pieces because we had this on our floor for weeks. Its of the north shore in Hawaii. I don't want to do a 1000 piece puzzle for a while.

Bronson fixed his bike tire this week so we can finally go biking again!

I just realized this was the most detailed, minute by minute report or of our weekend which absolutely no one will ever care about, but me. My memory is close to horrible, that I need something to cement these memories -- even if its the mundane day by day things in place.


  1. I loved every singlel detail! It's amazing all the running you guys are doing. Good for you adjusting to a new schedule and making it work.

  2. Your outfit at the wedding was so cute!!


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