Toe surgery & beautiful skies

The busyness of life did not end at Jessica's birthday.

Tuesday, I had an appointment with a podiatrist. I've had an ingrown toenail that has been bugging me on and off for 3+ years now. So it definitely wasn't as severe as my first two ingrown toenails five years ago -- that was so painful just having the bed sheets touch my toe would make pain shoot through my body. Bronson said I had complained enough about it that I should get it checked. I was completely expecting him to just be able to clip part of it off with clippers and not have to do the actual surgery. However upon inspection, the ingrown toenail was too deep he had to remove part of my toenail. I was completely disappointed. Since I had both borders taken off my big toe five years on my left foot, my right foot was my last normal looking foot. The actual procedure was painless thanks to the shots he put in my foot, but my goodness those numbing shots hurt like the dickens. Today was the first day I woke up without any foot/toe pain! Finally. I've been severely dependent on my ibuprofen in four hour increments.

Milking this for all I can. ie: "Bronson fetch this please! Bronson can you do this... Bronson do that please!" :)

This picture is so large, its probably too late to warn you don't look if you things gross you out easily. Left is toe a few days ago. Right is toe after first surgery 5 years ago. So this time around its DEFINITELY better.

On Wednesday, Bronson and I cleaned the Provo City Center Temple that night with some couples from the ward.

Little by little we are unpacking -- and its a livable space now.

What's really happening here is.... hot gluing dresser drawers so they SORTA hold together.

Also. meals. they've been generally non existent the last week, but I've run out of excuses not to make them. So... Kodiak Cakes powder mix + water is definitely something I can do right now. 

This week I've made a greater effort to listen to conference talks instead of podcasts on my commute to work. I've really appreciated President Utchdorf's talk in the Priesthood Session entitled, "The Greatest Among You." Lately I've struggled with my ward choir pianist calling. I've always felt that there were others far better at playing the piano than me, and who didn't have a calling, that it would be far better to have them do it. Then I heard President Utchdorf's talk and its helped me to refocus, change my attitude and learn to love this calling. He said, "What is the most important calling in the Church? It is the one you currently have. No matter how humble or prominent it may seem to be, the calling you have right now is the one that will allow you not only to lift others but also to become the man of God you were created to be." 

Today for Father's day, (more detailed post on my dad later), I just was so grateful for my Heavenly and earthly Father. We grilled some hamburgers and had corn on the cob with Jessica. It was so delicious. Even though we realized RIGHT before we sat down to eat that the hamburgers that the buns were completely moldy. (Crying inside) So we hurried and thawed and baked some Rhode rolls which tasted surprisingly good. 

We went on a walk Saturday night after my cousin's wedding reception. My goodness Utah is beautiful. I love cotton candy skies. 

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  1. I shiver every time I think about your toe. Sorry! But glad you got it taken care of. You guys seem to make things work from glue gunming a dresser to solving the problem about no hamburger buns. For you guys!


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