Zoo + Snowbird

The notorious photo dump of the week. 

On Sunday I made salsa. After years of being intimidated by canning salsa, I stayed intimidated, and found a really quick and easy fresh salsa recipe that was too easy not to make.  I think there is something to be said though about this salsa, it was so good I had it for breakfast Monday morning. 

Tuesday, we had cubscouts and activity days and then went to see Wonder Woman. Having no expectations beforehand (hadn't seen the trailer, knew NOTHING about the premise of the movie) but had only heard good things - which doesn't mean much, because I could have completely different taste in movie preferences as another person, I totally loved it. It was really good. And I was actually surprised I liked it. To be honest, I'm that person that checks their phone during movies because I'm wondering when it will be over - and that bugs someone crazy. I guess I'm a show person instead. I wouldn't buy it, because I feel buying movies is pointless, but I definitely would recommend watching it -- even if you don't think DC is your thing. 

Wednesday. I made scookies. And shameless ruined any chance of a normal calorie count day. Anything made in a cast iron is just better am I right?

Thursday I spent time in Provo Canyon with my two friends Hayley and Nicole. It sounds nice to say "friends" because I feel like friends dwindle in the married stages of life. 

Do you think we could pass as sisters?

We had plans to go camping Friday, but there were some very needy patients at work requiring me to work much later than planned, so being last on the totem pole, I was sent out to pick up everything from the Cadillacs of bedside comodes to nightlights to TV remote controls. It's all good, it was something to pass the time for the afternoon hours on a Friday that seem to pass like individual sands in a hourglass. We managed to get food and go for a walk and adore this charming old home that's for sale a few blocks away, that needs much more love than we could ever afford. And that's as exciting as our Friday night gets!

Saturday we helped Clayton and Cecily move to Lindon -- which let me just say, moving is so much more doable when you haven't raced a 10k that morning. After helping them move we went to the Hogle Zoo and Snowbird Tram ride -- since both of these attractions were on our Visit Salt Lake pass. 

Maybe its just because I was a kid when I visited the zoo -- but I remember them being much larger. Lets just say it was equal parts enjoying and disappointed. I forgot that at the zoo the animals just sleep the entire time and stay in the shade. I'll be sure to remind myself next time that zoos are not African safaris. 

I think I prefer the teddy bear version of bears to the real thing. 

After the zoo we headed for Snowbird Ski & Summer resort. Neither of us had been before and since we were in the area we wanted to ride the aerial tram. So while I may have self declared myself as not a skier, I could handle this. The beauty of it all was we got to enjoy the most impressive views of Utah I have ever seen without having to hike an inch. It was one of the very best and favorite things I've done in Utah thus far. I would totally recommend to anyone. 

 Snowbird was not a sore sight either...

I think we were a bit wiped out from the day since we both hardly spoke to each other for the rest of the night we were so exhausted. haha. That and I had like a migrane-ish headache. 
Sunday I subbed on the piano in Primary and we had Brittany over for dinner since her husband was out of town. We stopped by our old apartment complex to visit a couple that Bronson home teaches and I visit teach the girl, win win. 

Summer goal: Do a handstand. 

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  1. It's so crazy to see you guys in shorts and t-shirt up that high with all that snow. Made me freezing just looking at it�� Looks so pretty though!


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