24th of July - Pioneer Day

July 24th means absolutely nothing to anyone outside the state of Utah. Lucky for me, as a resident of Utah, I celebrated Pioneer day by doing what would make the pioneers most proud, and took a day off work. But the pioneers probably also appreciated that I ran a 5K from (old) Provo Temple, to (new) Provo City Center Temple. I'm sure they are aware of what they have accomplished due to their sacrifices in the early days of the church and journeying to Salt Lake City.

Since I worked the 4th of July I excused myself from working the 24th.
We got up early to run the Temple to Temple 5K which is put on by our stake and one of the largest 5K events in the country. Free races bring all the Mormons out of their houses. We are so glad Clayton and Cecily joined us because it made waiting 45 minutes in line for the shuttle to the beginning of the race way more bearable.

Unfortunately mid race I had to stop because of unbearable pain on my outer my right knee.  The week prior on my runs I felt like I had really old people knees, but didn't think too much of it, and then on Friday I ran again and had to stop midway the pain was so bad. As soon as I started walking it would go away, and as soon as I started running again it came back. Monday I just pretended like nothing had happened, but typical to IT Band Syndrome, the pain doesn't present itself until midway through a run. My leg locked up and forced me to walk a bit and Bronson left me and I nearly cried (i get really emotional when I run), I was on track to PR -- even though we had to run through the human obstacle course of all the walkers. and I just wanted to finish and on top of that in pain. So I walked for 2 blocks and then ran the rest of the way grinding my teeth to the finish line.

We walked home and spent some time organizing our "catch all" room. I'm not sure how we accrued so much stuff. All the documentaries on Netflix are telling me to get rid of 70% of it but how do you say no to Bronson's little cow outfit from when he was a baby? (Don't worry Michelle, nothing was tossed!) We got Frozen Yogurt for lunch. Bronson's request. Shared Cafe Rio for dinner. My request. And headed to Spanish Fork for their Fiesta Day's rodeo. Its classified as a Gold rodeo - which means the best of the State.

I told Bronson, "I could live the cowgirl life. I love it." And then I got a big whiff of manure and I was like "never mind that."


  1. Uh, it's not a cow, it's a Dalmatian dog. ;) Haha! That took me hours to sew! ;) Just giving you a hard time. :)

  2. Sorry about your knee! I have the same exact pain on my right knee when I run. I got it when I ran my 1/2 marathon 8 years ago and it doesn't go away!! So I understand the frustration and pain! So sorry!


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