Backpacking & Silver Lake

Silver Lake Reservoir - camped 1/2 mile from the lake

Bronson's dream of going backpacking again finally came true this weekend. A few weeks ago when we bought mine, Bronson was examining his pack and was frustrated with the number of rips and tears it had over the years. We knew that backpack like these usually had life time warranty's, so Bronson reached out to Alps and they replaced his pack for free! I love how one email can save you $170.

On Friday we didn't get home from work until 6pm and so we were rushing to get to the canyon before all the sunlight was gone. We had about 50 things go wrong before one thing go right, but we made it. In the end, we didn't get to camp where we were originally planning due to time and daylight, nonetheless it was BEAUTIFUL.

Photo series of the weekend. Read captions for full "Emily commentary on pictures"


Bronson LOVES me taking pictures so much

And I didn't even pack an extra pair of clothes. #minimalistlife
We found a meadow to stay for the night, set up camp, and the best part was FINALLY eating our subway sandwiches at 9pm. Lesson learned: we will get off work a few hours earlier when we go backpacking. We walked had some hot chocolate at 10pm and then went to bed. I think every tent should have a mesh top -- the view totally beats out the glow in the dark ceiling stars I had all through elementary and middle school. I woke up at 5:45, walked down to the lake and ate a clif bar. Ah. The simple life of camping. It is just beautiful. 

By 7am we ate some oatmeal, packed things up and dropped off our big backpacks in the car. The top part of our backpacks convert into fanny packs / side shoulder bags and began our ascent to Silver Lake at 8am. It was the most beautiful hike I've been on -- I feel like I say that alot -- but this time I'm serious. You pass through an aspen tree forest for about 1 mile which made me vow to live in a cottage in a grove of aspen trees someday. Near the end we had fabulous views of the canyon. And after 2.5 miles, we finally reached the top!

All I could think about during our hike how there are people in this world who have physical, mental, and financial limitations that prohibit them from hiking, excersing, and seeing the most stunning sites of the earth (am I sounding like a hippie yet?) but I just hope I always take advantage of spending time outdoors. Life outdoors is really the simple life. No cellphone service. No social media. No deadlines. No interruptions.

I'm really hoping that if Clif Bars see this then maybe they'll hook me up with free bars for a year? It was worth a shot. 

Making hot chocolate - next best thing to smores if you can't have a fire. 

The face of realizing you only have to eat like this for one meal and not for months like pioneers. 


Another view of the lake, because I'm not biased about any particular view point. 

The magical grove of aspens. I could build my house right there in the right hand corner. 

The tree's ombre is really on point. 

A man in the woods. 

If I captioned this "Sacred Grove" would you even know it wasn't?


This picture alone should give me like another 20 Instagram followers. PLEASE. 

Starting to think Bronson might be a descendent of Henry David Thoreou. 


If you don't take a selfie after that kinda of hike, do you even love yourself?
You wanna live in a grove too, huh? You're catching my drift now. 


  1. Aspens are my FAVORITE tree! And, Silver Lake is my FAVORITE! Aw, my two loves...well after Jim and my kids. ;)

  2. So so beautiful! Aspens have my heart, too!


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