Cathedral Park in Oregon

On Monday, we took a walk down to the Springwater trail right by our house with Meredith and Jocelyn, the whole time I wished the blackberries would have been ripe by then. Although they are the hardest to pick they are by far my favorite.

We met up with the Vances at Cathedral Park which is in northeast (the industrial) part of Portland under the St. John's bridge. I've always seen it in pictures, but couldn't believe that I've lived in Oregon for the majority of my life and never been there. So... another photo shoot ensued.
Isn't this place stunning?

what a babe. at 40! #goals
 These boys adore their mama...

No joke, after his picture with grandpa he said, in the cutest raspiest voice, "Can I get a picture with both of you?" And stood perfect still (HUGE FEAT FOR HUDSON, see pic below). 
All within a couple of seconds he can express ALL of these emotions. 

After our fun afternoon in Portland, we went home, had ice cream cones and played and played. My best friend since middle school, Ariana Cooley came over to say hi. We seem to pick up where we leave off. And since family time is usually so short, its hard to see friends, but she was so nice to come to my house! Bronson was so good to play air hockey and foosball with the grandkids for 2+ hours while we talked. He's the best!

We had hamburgers and homemade fries (#friesaremylovelanguage), and talked and talked around the table until 9pm. Such a typical occurance at the Lewis family table. We did a few fireworks with the kids, and of course had MORE ice cream. You never turn down Tillamook ice-cream.

Tuesday, we hung around the house in the morning just enjoying being home and then went out to lunch with my parents. We went to Truffle Hunter -- this cute home from the early days of the city of Gresham, that has been converted into a restaurant. Its so quaint and cute and SUPER delicious. It's a must visit any chance we can get when in Gresham. After that we packed up and headed for the airport. My dream next summer is to spend one full week in Astoria and one full week in Gresham!

Jessica was a trooper, as she was super sick that week, and once we landed in SLC we rode the trax to the front runner and missed it by minutes, forcing us to wait for one hour for a one hour train ride back to Provo. Once we arrived in Provo around 10pm, we walked a half mile in the dark to our apartment.
Ariana and I in her car. Had to get this weird angle to avoid the sun. 

On my parents kitchen table. . . which this picture was taken with an iphone. And not pictured are 2 ipads and 2 more iphones, and a mac desktop computer. #MacFamily #Obsessed

Bronson doing his technology thing. 

Miss J being so cute. 

The aftermath of coming home. After we dropped off Jessica we honored Taco Tuesday #Weate9tacosinlessthan9minutes


  1. Wow! These pictures are amazing! Thanks for all the photo shoot. We loved having you here. A big thanks to you and Bronson for the help with my computer. So funny about the Mac computers on the table. I loved this post! And all the beautiful people in it.

  2. keep taking those pictures!!! they're great!!!


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