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I take myself very serious in this blogging world so there is something I just have to share .  . . my current obsessions.

Actually, I don't take myself seriously at all, but I'm the type of person that likes to talk and talk -- talk about myself, talk about Bronson, talk about the things I like, you know. ;)

But it might be fun to remember what I really like at this stage of life, in no particular order.

1. The Neti Pot. Not to be mistaken with drug paraphernalia kind of pot. Since I was getting repeated sinus infections during January - April, I started using the Neti Pot religiously. Consider it the best irrigation system for your naval cavity. Is this TMI into my medical history? But, sick or healthy I use the Neti Pot in the morning and makes me really feel more "clean", awake and fresh. I'm convincing you aren't I?

2. I don't consider myself a make-up buff but... I do have a few things I like and when I find something I like I don't shy away. One of those being lip primer (its more expensive than ANYTHING else, but I don't know, its just one of my guilty pleasures that leave my lips feeling buttery. No one else can see the difference but I don't care... I love it). Moving on. These two little bottles pretty much consist of my entire make up routine. How do I say this... when I was single, I probably was a bit more vain and felt my looks required me to spend $10 per month on make-up. It was through Birchbox -  a make-up samples subscription. I'm trying to think now, did I actually do it for the make up or did I just really love receiving packages in the mail. Super debatable. In one of the monthly packages I got this "Stila - One Step - Bronzer". I just like it because it makes me look alittle less white than a marshmallow. It doesn't look like its really sold now adays which is a BIG problem, since I'm nearly out. But I came across "Stila - One Step - Correct". As you can see there are three different colors - Pink, blue and green - twirling in the bottle. When you pump it out they all blend and you get this cohesive liquid to apply on your face. This "corrects" the weird color differences in your face. It also helps to make red pimples less intense. I don't know, its not perfect, but so far I'm liking it.   Thank you make up for helping me keep my job.

3. This shirt. Since I totally know I'm probably going to get 50 messages asking where it's from, I'll just tell you... the clearance rack in the very back of the store in Old Navy when I had a really weak moment of returning this cute dress to TJ Maxx and I just needed some consolation. I guess this shirt is really that big of a deal because its a getting a second shout out on the blog. Still loving it. . . because I could probably gain 20 extra pounds and it would STILL fit. #futureplanner

4. Toilet Ring Remover. My weirdest but still unashamedly favorite thing right now. Toilet brushes are the grossest thing ever and when we moved I quickly threw it away forcing me to replace it because it was past the point of no return. It was definitely a commitment device for me. (I learned what commitment device means today thanks to TED Radio Hour, so feeling all sorts of intelligent right now) And I found this on amazon, a Pumie Toilet Bowl Ring Remover. The after picture was literally 1 minute after I started scrubbing it was so easy! Its not that I'm throwing toilet cleaners away -- its just I like this option for removing rings in the easiest way possible. #thatshowmillenialsroll

5. Can we just have a moment of silence for my soccer mom shoes. I really am digging the juxaposition of the 1990s linolium flooring with this 2017 adidas Cloudfoam shoes.  These shoes were made in heaven and then sent down they are that comfortable. So while they rank me probably amongst the other senior citizen ladies abroad -- truthfully I've seen 2 senior citizen ladies wear them, and only 1 girl my age where them, so odds are against me -- but who cares. Love them. Might even wear them until I die they are that good. 

I think that about sums up right now what a few of my favorite things are. 
I'm always in the market for others favorite things so let me know. 


  1. Heyo shoutout to the adidias shoes! Between the two of us, I think we could definitely start a grandma/soccer mom shoe trend for other young adult women, right?? But if all that ever happens is that I continue to match the elderly women at the grocery store, i won't even care. That's how comfy they are.

  2. I haven't heard of a few of these things! Thanks for sharing! That lip primer looks cool!


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