Home in Oregon

Bronson and I REALLY only get to see our family two times a year, ever six months. Which makes the short week extra special to spend with them. We just returned from our one summer week in Oregon and I can't stop thinking/reminiscing/remember (all the feelings huh?) about how fun it was. If I had to pick one thing to do in life I can easily say it would be to spend time with family.

First stop: ASTORIA
Friday we spent the majority of the day playing badmitton, cornhole, and later went to Sunset Beach and played frisbee. Per usual, the water was ice cold. That evening we had dinner with the missionaries and Veranicia and her husband. Veranicia is Michelle's preschool assistant and has been interested in learning more about the church. Michelle is such a good member missionary. Saturday, unfortunately, Jessica got super sick this weekend and we didn't go to the temple with her as planned, but we got to spend time with Grandma & Granpda Gardner who came from Boise. We saw Spiderman -- highly recommend it! And the best part of all...we grilled (well, actually Jim), grilled hamburgers over an open fire, while we planed badmitton and cornhole. Basically if you could dream of a perfect summer evening, we had that. Of course that included s'mores. Daymon shared his mission pictures with us which should be mentioned, he's the reason we went to Oregon in the first place. Daymon returned from Georgia Macon Mission, spanish speaking at the end of June. I think this was officially my third time meeting Daymon but it was fun to read his two years of letters and the experiences with all the citizens in the South.

Sunday was Daymon's homecoming talk and Michelle's gospel doctrine lesson. From Preschool to adults, Michelle knows how to teach! That afternoon we had more delicious food - including and especially worth noting, homemade coconut ice cream. YUM. We left not wanting to leave Astoria we were having so much fun.

Next stop: GRESHAM

Sunday evening we arrived in Gresham to a busy house as the Williams have been visiting from Hawaii, and the Caudles and Vances joined us for Sunday dessert. I guess adult conversation must have been boring (just kidding!) and I convinced everyone outside for a photo shoot on our back patio. It's fun to take pictures when you have the cutest nieces and nephews in the world.

To be continued...

She did this ALL on her own. 

Meredith at 28 weeks pregnant


  1. Love all the pictures! I need to frame that one of Jocelyn!

  2. I love all of the pictures you took! I downloaded quite a few! You're a good photographer! Your family is so photogenic!

  3. What a treat to have you come, especially with Meredith and other family were here. Thanks for making the sacrifice. And thanks for all these beautiful photos, too! You are a great photographer! Wish we could have connected with the Gardeners this week.


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