Jula + Austin come to UT

Who knew bean stocks would make such a dreamy background. I think I'll need to grow some in my garden. 

On Wednesday, we made a trip to the dentist. I was expecting to hear the words "you have a cavity." Considering I gave up my new years resolution of flossing11 days into the new year. I always shake my head in disappointed at myself! I should be capable now of flossing. Bronson -- has received the cavities news every time we've been to the dentist. As a result, he's been super diligent about flossing every single night. I've never seen him skip a night, not even camping. Why am I even telling you my dental history? Well, funny enough, we left the dentist office. Emily - 0 cavities. Bronson - 1 cavity. I just must be doing something right. 

That night we made a trip to Herriman, UT to visit Julia and Austin while they were here for his family reunion. The Doutres are so fun to be around -- I left with sore cheeks from laughing so hard. They are a family of love. Seeing Julia felt normal even though its been 7 months because I call her about 2-3x per week. Sorry Jules! haha Isn't Julia beautiful! Austin just graduated with his Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Idaho State University in Moscow, ID. They are a quiet but powerful couple. She reads a million books, practices the piano for 1 hour every day,  knows how to make cheese 7 different kinds of ways -- without using cheese, and works at the Saturday market. She also makes meals like a boss. 


  1. I love how you stole some of those things about me from my "about me" form that you saw at their house! Haha but thanks for the shout out! It was fun seeing you guys!


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