July days

Last weekend is worth mentioning, although none of you probably noticed I didn't blog. I worked nearly 50 hours this week (hello overtime!) so this is the first time opening my computer in awhile. 

At the beginning of the summer we printed off the three summer month calendars and planned out activities, destinations and events we wanted to do this summer. We unintentionally planned some sort of camping or hiking trip every weekend and while we've been quite successful, July has proven to be a struggle between callings, friends baby and bridal showers (i'm starting to think I can't afford to be Mormon anymore... EVERYONE is getting married and having babies!), and oh just the usual adult-responsibility life.  

Last weekend Bronson got some exciting news that he got a scholarship that will help pay for grad school tuition this fall. Since we no longer qualify for pell grants this is a huge blessing. That called for any dessert of his choice -- so of course it included blueberries. I made a homemade pie crust with blueberry custard filling with a pecan streusel on top.  We watched "The United Kingdom" -- a good movie from Redbox. 

On Saturday, I attended the baptism of Evealla -- a new girl in our activity days group. Pictured with her father and grandmother. She's the type of girl that memorized the "I have a Dream" speech, Lincoln's Inaugural speech, half of George Washington's inaugural speech, all the Articles of Faith, etc. She's 1/3 of my age and all I can show for myself is the Articles of Faith.

After the baptism we went to the Saturday Market on center street and paid for some overpriced salsa and brazilian food -- but all in the name of supporting local businesses. Then we headed to Seven Peaks because FOMO (fear of missing out) and the fact it was 99 degrees.  We finally got our hands on some Seven Brothers too! We ate at Seven Brothers while we were in Laie back in May and they had the best fries I've tasted. The kind where you just stop eating your burger all together so you can devote 100% of your attention to your fries. So per usual, I just ordered fries for myself, no burger, and I was totally happy. Fries are my love language.  Bronson loves them too and we can't wait for Seven Brothers to open a restaurant in Provo. 

During this week we had a bake off at work! I didn't submit anything because I just wore myself out baking that blueberry goodness for Bronson over the weekend. Someone made an authentic Chilean pastry that consisted of alot of Dulce de Leche that was similar to a dessert I had in Argentina and I was ALL OVER THAT. SO GOOD.

 We were lucky to walk to the temple in time before it started raining.
 I made this cucumber salad that pretty much tastes like summer.
A few nights a week we go walking around -- this was last nights sunset. Besides the people and dulce de leche, I miss the sunsets of Argentina the most. Every night was spectacular. 

If I had a fashion blog it would say something like this:
"Find a shirt that doubles as a shirt and a tent to equal the most comfortable article of clothing you own. And then wear it three days in a row. Because thats what I've done. The best benefit of all - less laundry!"

This weekend our plans were slightly changed when we realized hiking in Southern Utah would be extremely hot and horrible, so we opted for the mountains and then scratched that off the list when I needed to cover for the social worker at work this week (requiring me to go into work on Saturday because there is just so much to do). Saturday there was a Moss Family picnic in American Fork that we attended, but I didn't take any pictures, so you'll have to imagine it. This weekend was more low key and thats not bad -- no mountains conquered and no camping laundry to wash but it was still fun nonetheless. Bronson's got this perma-happy attitude which is essential when your emotions are all over the place when you're covering for the Social Worker. I don't know what happened but all of a sudden these patients that I was trying to help discharge safely to home found me in tears most days on my way home from work. We are glad I didn't pursue that career field. 


  1. seeing those fries makes me really want to drive an hour to get them!!...and go to the temple of course too ;) sweet pictures! That blueberry custard looks amazing!

  2. Congrats to Bronson on the scholarship!! Fun to hear about all you guys are up to!


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