Provo 4th of July

I always love Provo during the summer time, but especially on the 4th of July, it’s even better. This city knows how to do 4th of July and I love being in the atmosphere to celebrate our nations independence. 

Saturday evening after our backpacking excercion I had a migrane and slept for 2 hours while Bronson cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and did laundry. That guy is my hero. We then went to get dinner and watched a movie until it was 10pm and we went to watch the Stadium of Fire firework show on the grass of the BYU Broadcasting building. Best seats ever.

Sunday, after church I went visiting some of the inactive girls that should be attending activity days with another leader. I felt like a missionary again which was so fun.

Tuesday morning, the 4th, we woke up at 5:30 am to try to catch the hot air ballons as they took off, but when we arrived, they weren’t even ready and everyone in UT county had the same idea as us, so instead of parking a mile away we went straight to the finish line of the Freedom Festival 5k race that we were running in, parked and jogged to the starting line. It’s fun to be with thousands and thousands of people running at 7 in the morning on the 4th of July. Bronson asked if I had a goal time, and I thought (unrealistically) that it’d be cool to get 30 minutes or under. Not having any expectations. In case you’re wondering, I got 30 minutes and 01 second exactly. AH. I nearly feel down I was so disappointed! I was SO close. So glad we did it though. Bronson is so good about making sure we stay busy doing things we might not have the chance to do again. After the race we met up with Jessica to watch the parade on Center street.

Pre-race game face

While we didn't get to watch the hot air ballons take off, we did enjoy them from the starting line and the last 1/2 a mile we had a great view. 
Post-race game face

After the parade I went in to work for nearly 5 hours (no one complains about time and a half pay wage!). Far better than Bronson telling me I look beautiful or nice (come on, we all know we have to force those compliments out), I walked in and he immediately let a sigh of relief and said, “oh man it was so boring without you here!”

We went to Center street again to walk through the series of vendors and food trucks that were there all weekend, which took less than 10 minutes because we were pretty unimpressed and then picked up Jessica and took her to Lehi where she caught a ride to the airport. We ate café rio and watched “The Zookeepers Wife”. Which I would recommend and NOT recommend at the same time. It’s a powerful, moving story that is really hard on the heart. I sat and cried for an hour afterwards it is so….intense. It’s about a true story that takes place in Warsaw, Poland of a couple who hide Jewish men, women and children in their basement after helping them escape the ghetto while German soliders invade Warsaw. Watch if you want, but don’t say I didn’t warn you – it is tough to watch on the heart.

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