Camping Payson Lakes: a final hurrah

I'm getting anxious knowing that summer is ending soon and thats on the list of things I really don't want to happen.

Some good things as of lately:
+ Bronson's internship director offered him a position to stay on for the fall. (YAY!!!) He was the first one approached out of all the interns. And on top of that, BYU broadcasting asked him to come back. I think that means Bronson's really good at what he does. #proudwife Intermountain is letting him work from home this semester (at least that is what it sounds like), which will be a huge blessing. We know Heavenly Father looks out for us individually, since we weren't anticipating on paying the MBA tuition this year, but since his masters is part of the Business school, thats how they roll.  So with this added pay increase from Intermountain it will cover the extra tuition we hadn't planned for.

+ THE SOLAR ECLIPSE -- August 21, 2017 we witnessed the moon and sun align to create one of the most remarkable events I've seen. While in UT we experienced only 90%,  it was spectacular. My parents and a few siblings and their families got to experience totality. I felt FOMO as they experience totality and makes me want to become an eclipse chaser. That was the best 2 hours at work as I stood outside with patients and let them look through my glasses.

Seth  & Tiffany's  family and Ondalynn and Gary's family gathered together for the eclipse in Albany, OR with the rest of Tiffany's family 

My parents view of totality

+ Since we are trying to savor these last few summer nights, Bronson went on a run, and since running is off limits, I went on a bike ride. It brought me back to my childhood days and at the same time remind me how quickly you can lose your cardiovascular abilities!!! #alreadyoutofshape

+ I watched another documentary that I found really interesting, "What the Health," I'd recommend it. Thats about all I'm going to say about it. 

 + A not so pretty part of life right now has been visiting a chiropractor very frequently this month. I've had back pain for years its almost just been apart of who I am. It got especially bad in high school when I did orchestra. Then died down. Then when I was on my mission it flared up again. And ever since I've just been trying to "ignore" it. But now I'm literally attacking it. It takes so much effort to try to correct my posture. I'm not a very relaxed person and I hold all my stress in my shoulder -- and neither is anyone in my family. My mom and ALL but one of my sisters visits a chiropractor regularly or every so often. I'm hoping to nip this problem in the bud ASAP because I am DRAINING my health savings account card. *lots of tears* 

+ Since I worked for a bit last Sunday I was able to get off early on Friday, I went to get the tires rotated, we picked up our ROC passes, and got a few groceries. We reserved a camping spot at Payson Lakes about two weeks earlier for Friday night and didn't have any luck in finding any friends to go with us. Since we weren't pressed for time and both had splitting headaches, I took a quick nap, then we packed up in about 20 minutes -- I had low expectations like, "Who cares if we forget something, its just one night," -- and headed down to Payson. We got there with enough time before the sun set to walk down to the lake. On our way back to the lake we ran into a classmate of Bronson's in the masters program. He was there with his wife and kids. He warned us that there had been a moose hanging around the camp area for the whole week. 

We built a fire, had some smores, and went to bed. We had the most beautiful view of the stars. At 2am we woke up to what we believe was the moose walking near us and chomping on leaves and branches. We only suspect that because he was LOUD and there was no flashlight (which would have given it away that it was a human). We definitely didn't have the best of nights sleep as Bronson wasn't feeling well, and the Nebo full and half marathon was taking place, so there was lots of yelling on the speakers to get the runners organized. We woke up and made pancakes -- everything cooked over the fire tastes 100x better, packed up and went down to the lake to walk around. We drove home with 30 minutes before we had to leave for the BYU game. We got some amazing seats! Mostly because Jessica went early but also because alot of students haven't returned for school yet. #Notcomplaining  

After getting completely sunburnt (even with sunscreen -- I'm more of an adult than you think!) and standing in the 90s heat for 4 hours we were exhausted. We came home and hardly moved and watched BYU womens volleyball. I love fun exhausting weekends. 

and we can't fail to mention our debut on BYUtv post game show! OR how I high fived Coach Sitake, Tanner Mangum, President Worthen and a bunch of no name players!!!!



  1. I can't even tell you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures! Thanks for doing your blog. I hope your back feels better soon! No fun!

  2. You guys have the best and most exhuasting weekends. ;) I love that you Carpe diem! I am sorry you're still having back and neck pain...I have been wondering how you're doing.
    I know the feeling of draining HSA! Sorry!!


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