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Some events that happened during the week that I don't want to forget about

Activity Day Camp
On Tuesday we met up with all of the girls to go to Camp Jeremiah Johnson for Girls Day Camp. It was so hot and a bit exhausting (ie: girl gets car sick and throw ups .25 miles away before camp. Ahhh, I was not a hero in this moment, I don't do well at all around throw up. 

The beauty of living in Utah is the vast majority of LDS which allows something like this to be possible. The camp was well organized with teenager guides and we did a variety of activities, making dolls out of paracord -- undoubtedly their favorite part, boat tag, "rock" climbing, BB gun shooting, archery, and team building activities. It was only an 8 hour ordeal, but I was so happy to come home at night. I couldn't imagine doing a week long camp like girls camp. I really questioned if I could stay LDS if that was the case. 

Bronson surprised me and as I walked through the door that evening was a bouquet of roses. Say what?? It made me realize "just because" is my new favorite occasion of all. On a sticky note he wrote "They're not tulips, and they're probably the wrong color but hopefully they'll do."

Last week I read Bronson's journal. It didn't take too long when Years 2014-2017 only take up less than 1/4 of the journal ;) It was fun to read about what really mattered to him, like installing a bluetooth speaker in his car, and interviewing for jobs. As I read I learned of how Bronson was stressed about all the financial responsibilities for when we got married that he couldn't enjoy preparing for the wedding. Probably should have figured that part out 2 years ago. Or how when he met me the words he used to describe me: "rock solid girl" twice in the same sentence. We both believe that there are a million people you could marry -- there isn't just one person -- but I think it is interesting that the Spirit was preparing us both individually around the same time. I remember having this distinct impression in the Buenos Aires Temple as I was returning home that in my new ward I would meet the man I was going to marry and be in the RS Presidency. I met Bronson on the first Sunday and got called on the second Sunday. And in August in Bronson's journal he wrote about dating and how he felt he needed to make it a priority in his life to date and if he found someone that liked him back he would pursue it. 
 The ONLY thing I've managed to maintain from "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up" is for the most part keep my clothes in color order. I obviously like my blacks, blues, and grays. I just thought it was funny i have ONE yellow shirt and ONE red shirt. Real spicy wardrobe.

On Wednesday after work, I felt prompted to go see my Grandma Julia, so I stopped by to say hello. It was just a few days before the anniversary of my grandpa's death and I wanted her to know how grateful I was that she took care of him during his final years. She was named "Resident of the Month" at her Senior Living Facility. She gave me a copy of the bio they did about her. I didn't realize how much of a world traveler she was thanks to her first husband's job as a chemist. Julia is one unique lady. I hope to be as good of shape as her when I'm 87!

One of my greatest accomplishments this summer was creating and printing Daymon's mission letters book. For about a year I worked on making my own mission book and I would spend 10 hours every week on campus using their computers and then once I graduated I just stopped. I was looking for some sort of software that was free, easy to use and had all the tools I needed to create an extensive book. In March, I created this 50 page book for my mom for her 65th birthday (if you wait long enough, the pictures will load!) So I decided I could use the same software and create a book for Daymon's mission letters. I needed some sort of deadline to help get me to finish. This project was more about starting something and finishing it! #mysummerfeat


  1. That's so awesome you got to see Grandma Julia! You're so sweet. It doesn't surprise me that she was resident of the month. And those flowers are beautiful and again, good job on that book!

  2. LOVE!!!! that book! I still can't believe you did this! We're so lucky!

  3. This was such a fun post to read. That's so funny about activity day, and your thoughts if it had been a week long! So good of you to go see grandma Julia and to take her flowers. I loved reading about Bronson's journal, how sweet of him to bring you flowers, and even about your clothes hanging in the closet. That's so great you did the book for Daymon.


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