the week: August 14-19 2017

While our anniversary landed on a Monday and we were without a car or groceries (not the most ideal situation), Jessica was nice to take us to get some food.

Tuesday we did our car fixed which now runs beautifully. Our weeks are often busy but Tuesdays are the worst between cubscouts and activity day girls. This week we made homemade ice cream in a bag and played missionary tag. After that I hurried and went to the Rec Center to vote for our primary elections for Mayor and congress. Even though I didn't feel like going I knew I needed to do my duty. Then I picked up Bronson who waited for me and got groceries. We didn't end up sitting down for dinner until 9pm. *Sigh* Can you understand now why when I have no energy/motivation to go on a run, do the laundry, clean, etc when you finish dinner so late.

I failed to mention this last week but we were able to tour the new MTC. It was so much fun reminiscing about our missions, our experiences in the MTC. We went with Ben & Sydney Nelson. Ben is an intern at Intermountain with Bronson this summer, and Sydney happened to be in one of my BYU wards before my mission.

On Wednesday, I stayed extra late at work because I'm covering for the activities director this week. We had a performer come so I needed to get the patients to the "living room" to listen and take them back to their rooms. He played all the songs from the 20s to 40s and the patients sang along -- it was one of those cute moments of life.

Thursday we got to celebrate with Jessica for passing the PRAXIS (the teaching license test) by taking her to Cafe Rio. I love these summer evenings we have -- not quite ready for that fall and winter weather to roll in.

Friday we went to the Dry Bar Comedy on center street. Its a comedy bar (sans alcohol!). It was so fun! You can watch some clips on YouTube, but I found its way more fun to watch live in person. Clayton & Cecily hooked us up with the tickets and it was fun to go with them.

Saturday we had to stay local since I needed to go into work in case a patient was coming and we spent time running/walking -- I can't even run 1/2 block before my knee starts killing me, so discouraged about that! But I walked and listened to a good podcast. Bronson mowed the lawn while I cleaned the apartment. Spending a very good amount of quality time with our bathtub -- scrubbing and scrubbing. Lately I've just felt never "on top of life". There is always something to clean, something to put away, something to make, and its just getting frustrating. 

In the afternoon we went shopping to the places we had gift cards for (one still from our wedding!). The best part of the day was going to the rec center with the Johns family. They've got great slides -- I was so much more impressed than Seven Peaks. 

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  1. What a fun week! And yes I know that feeling too..... Always something to clean or put away! 😬
    You guys have a lawn to mow?


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