3 years later...

As with most things in life, I'm LATE. I've had going through my mission pictures on my to-do list for three years. THREE YEARS. So this week I finally took action.
And I made sure I got them all backed up to google photos -- I'm super paranoid about losing pictures since I lost about 5 months worth of pictures. And in a sister missionary's span of a mission thats nearly a 1/3 of it!

So I made a video with videos I had forgotten I had taken!
One thing for sure -- even though missions are hard, based on the pictures I can easily remember that was the happiest I've ever been in my life. Being fully imerssed in the gospel, learning to love so many strangers so quickly, and coming to know the Savior Jesus Christ was what made my mission so special. In case you are wondering, I graciously submitting myself to South American hospitality and gained a good 15lbs so #dontjudge. Also, I did cut out like 30 additional seconds of me hugging my mom when I got home. And I then proceeded to cry with every person I hugged. #missionhormones


  1. I cried....and cried. So beautiful! So proud of you! You did it! Your mission....not easy, but worth it.


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