Bronsons birthday & alittle extra

Obviously, the biggest news of the week was when Bronson officially became an old man -- the big 25. And to celebrate his old-man status, we took the plunge and got Bronson a new cell phone and our own phone plan! I was so excited that we finally had cut all the “umbilical cords” from our parents, until we realized Bronson is still on his parent’s medical insurance. Yeah… that one can wait one more year! #graciasObama Haha

I've known about his birthday forever and yet, Friday morning when his alarm went off and he was already in the shower, I was thinking of all the mean things to say to him for not turning off his alarm. Luckily, in that slow motion sloth like move I made to find his alarm, I remembered, it was his birthday and shot out of bed. How could I have forgotten! Maybe it had something to do with the fact I went to bed at 8:30pm the night before. I don't know but either way I hadn't done ANYTHING. I hurried and made birthday signs (tradition in the Lewis household), and started waffles all before he was out of the shower. *victory dance* 

Since Bronson doesn't have classes on Friday he commutes up north for his job. As soon as we got home we rushed over another recruiting event for a company he is interested in working at. I told him I had a surprise and made him close his eyes all the way to Cold Stone where I had a really tiny ice cream cake made for him. We went home, opened the presents from Amazon that came on time (Thank you Amazon Gods -- they were actually scheduled for Saturday #miracles), chatted on the phone with his parents and mine, and then watched the BYU volleyball game. Bronson is good to put up with very little! So grateful every day for this guy!

These headphones are like the step child to Beats, since we can't actually afford beats. haha

Earlier in the week we had a graduate studies student dinner with all the graduate students on campus #crowded. We didn’t know anyone but sat down next to this couple who were AWESOME. They had been married for seven years, expecting their second and had already lived in the Netherlands, Cincinnati, Houston and now back to Provo for school. It’s so great that in the church you pretty much can become instantly friends with other people knowing you have one thing in common. We also had another recruiting dinner on Thursday. It’s been fun to go to Bronson with all these events – don’t worry spouses are very definitely invited, considering this is a commitment you make together. Thursday night we met one on one with a recruiter and his wife from a company called Accenture. I got to ask questions to the wife and Bronson to him and it helped us getting a better idea of this work life we will be jumping into a year from now. Sunday night we looked at all the potential cities Bronson could work at – I’m realizing there is no perfect place to live! Either a city is way too hot and humid, or another place is way too cold in the winters, or its way too expensive to live there. Decisions decisions... 

On Saturday, I offered to mow the lawn, since Bronson had hw deadlines and I could use the workout plus time outside. Turns out, I’m VERY mediocre. I told Bronson, “I’m pretty sure I mow as well as I shave my legs, which is NOT VERY GOOD.” We went to the BYU vs Wisconsin game with Jessica and Daymon and were extremely disappointed with nearly another blowout. Bronson is the most loyal fan. Even when we pleaded to leave with 10 minutes to go he always refused

Jess refusing to get sunburnt

Pro Tip: Empty the bag BEFORE it gets that full. 

I'm trying to get in more walks during the week. This Saturday morning could not have been better.

Saturday evening we met up with Daymon and Jessica for frozen yogurt which was fun. It was my first time being "bored" again as Bronson had to continue working on homework. I forgot this is what the semester is like -- I got way to familiar with summer! 

Sunday we put the bookshelf together that the Gardner’s gave us, and had the Moss cousins come to celebrate Bronson’s birthday with us. It was so fun to see everyone!


  1. I am excited to see where you two end up! You did some awesome things for Bronson's birthday...sounds like he had a great day.

  2. Bronson is a dedicated student. Thanks for being the patient wife. Adventures ahead as you/he interview and search for that job.


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