last week of summer

after church 

Well I can definitely say Heavenly Father blesses His children. This week was an another example of that.

On Monday I was approached by my administrator and the corporate HR director. I said to them, timidly, "Am I in trouble?" They laughed at me and said no no, but I felt like I was going to the "principals" office. Turns out, the corporate HR director came to offer me the position of corporate HR Specialist -- so managing all the HR specialists at all the facilities in Utah. (SAY WHAT?) The way I truly know i've been promoted is I'm one of the last people that needs to pick up the phone now when it rings instead of the first. #THANKTHEHEAVENS

 I was perfectly content with my job, after a year and a half I had my groove. But how can you say no to a more flexible work schedule, a quieter atmosphere (i'll be working in the corporate office now), and more pay, and the guarantee of NEVER having to cover for any of my coworkers while they're on vacation. I laid in bed thinking quite a bit about it, because while there were so many pros, I was going to miss my work family. I've become quite close to the "older ladies" that I work with -- and it was going to be hard to go from this comradery to being an office with some old men. At least all but one are BYU fans so I should be okay.

While the rest of my week has been daily self-inducing headaches training at the corporate office, Bronson finished his last week at his internship and is officially onboard to work remotely from home!

Daymon, Bronson's brother arrived in Provo and stayed with us for two nights before he could move into his apartment so he could attend New Student Orientation. It's good to have another Gardner around. With him came more jam, a bookshelf, and a dresser! Thanks Gardners!

NO JOKE they showed up matching. Same shoes. Same shirt. Same color pants. Same genetics. I kid you not the next day when we went to pick up Daymon Bronson and him were both wearing a different but same shirt AGAIN. 

Friday night we went to the womens BYU soccer game and per usual had to stand or wait until someone moved at half time so we could steal their spot on the grass.

Saturday we went to the outlets with Daymon and Jessica for all their labor day sales! Bronson cleaned the car and I did endless loads of laundry. Jessica, Daymon, Clayton and Cecily came over for the awful BYU vs. LSU game that nearly left us in tears.
Creamie half time break 

Sunday I went early to practice the piano for ward choir and then was asked to sub in primary on the piano. During sharing time I texted Bronson to see who taught Sunday School he responded that he did. Unfortunately and fortunately we live in a ward that needs a lot of help. Its hard when people don't participate in their calling and leave others to try to fill in at the last second. In other news, we like to go on walks on Sunday and I make Bronson take pics, because #instagramhusband. I feel like life, in all its moments, needs to be remembered!

We had Daymon and Jessica over for dinner for some hamburgers and watermelon. A perfect labor day meal.

Sad to say my straightener died this week. Happy to say I got some straight hair genetics so I can probably get away with replacing it for awhile.  

My favorite part of our house. I love the feeling of clean sheets! 
I tried making Cashew milk this week ... don't really recommend it unless you have a vitamix or blendtec -- and even then, still not sure :) 
And while we all speak love differently. Bronson scored big this week when he bought me 16 sticks of butter and a 10lb bag of chocolate chips. #thatslove

This week has been overly sentimental for me, Bronson might be getting annoyed. But with fall semester starting it reminds me of how Bronson and I met three years ago! Ahhh such good memories -- attending football games together, soccer games, devotional, ward activities, etc. I keep saying "Bronson remember when we did this..." He usually doesn't but hopefully if I talk about it enough he will. Very glad that our lives crossed paths three years ago.


  1. I love that picture of you!! Great weekend despite that awful game. At least you enjoyed it with fam!

  2. Congratulations again on that promotion!! You rock!

  3. PS cashew milk made in blendtec was good! :)

  4. Congratulations on your promotion. So proud of you!!! I love seeing the glimpses of life. Bronson looks great in those pictures with his siblings. What a sweet bond of love they have. And the first one of the two of you is beautiful. Your bed looks so nice!


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