Overly laborious Labor day hike

Labor day -- the lesser of significant holidays in the course of the year, BUT it was officially the last day of summer before school started. I reminded Bronson that on Labor day two years ago we moved into our first apartment. So this year was much better.

We went to the 8am ward breakfast and then worked on projects until we hiked Squaw Peak with Daymon. It was listed "hard" on All-Trails, but I really wondered how hard that could be. After all, I was comfortable with doing moderate ranked hikes. It was 7 miles round trip - the difference with this hike is there were no switchbacks it was ALL STRAIGHT UP HILL. That is how a mountain works isn't it...uphill. It was so hard. Especially at the end - fatigued, sweaty, tired, it was so hard. Bronson was a good coach. I had to stop every ten feet and repeat motivational words in my head over and over again. I wanted to curse the people coming down who said "only 30 more minutes!" Wrong. More like 1.5 more hours. And I was happy to hear that even though I was slowing him down with breaks, he needed them too. It took us 2.5 hours to get up and 1.5 hours to get down. We eventually met Daymon at the top who doesn't seem to be human and didn't need any breaks. I was so happy to see the car when we got back down. We hardly moved a muscle as soon as we got home.

The view was 10/10. Incredible. From what I could appreciate of it when I was laying down on the rocks trying to breathe and not throw up.

The hike was 1/10 recommend. I WAS BEGGING TO DIE it was so hard. The guilt-free frozen yogurt treat afterwards was a nice touch.

Lesson learned 24,000 steps later. "Hard" hikes on the All Trails app is ACTUALLY HARD.

Utah valley (and then some) as far as the eye can see. 

Wow. Equally as beautiful as the site of the valley. 


Yep, I stopped to take a picture of this and my legs started shaking uncontrollably. #verytired #nearlydead

The mountain we climbed

From our car. See the very tippy top of that mountain. Thats where we went. 


  1. Wow! That is steep. Beautiful scenery...but what a price paid to see it. You can do HARD things! Way t go.


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