a general conference weekend

I wish General Conference weekends went in half-speed time so we could enjoy everything alittle bit longer.

On Friday, I did what I do best and took off work so I could spend the day with my parents, sisters and their daughters. I made cookie dough before I left so we could all experience some Levain copy-cat cookie goodness. We spent the day doing what us Lewis's do best... TALKING. We talked. We ate cookies. Talked some more. Watched family home videos. Went to Zupas and talked some more. That evening we did baptisms at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple with Seth & Preston, Ondalynn and Julia, Alice-Anne and Kenna, my parents, and Bronson. It was Julia and Preston's first time. All three kids turned 12 in three consecutive months -- and per Lewis tradition, attended General conference to commemorate that. Hispanics have quincerna, Jews have Bah mitzvahs and we... have General Conference.  We always waited anxiously for Claire to wake up from her naps so we could play with her. She instantly has 10 peoples attention at any given moment.

After the temple we watched BYU lose to Utah state (lameeee!) and ate some yummy dinner. Saturday -- it was a cold rainy day, Bronson and I enjoyed watching conference from home. I feel asleep a bit more than I would have liked, but thank goodness they're recorded. After priesthood, Daymon, Bronson and I went to Sweeto Burrito. Sunday, I repented by not falling asleep again -- but made sure that I worked on a brain-less project during conference to keep me awake. In between sessions I made some chicken noodle soup and lion house bakery rolls (#newobsession) for dinner at the Johns house.

During the week Bronson had a big interview with the CEO and VP of a small company and we are just crossing our fingers something happens. Bronson said it was an hour long interview -- and nothing about that sounds fun! Send your prayers this way!

Bronson is really good about biking everyday -- but I 
obliged to give him a ride the day he wore a suit. :) 

Earlier in the week we met with my cousin, a financial advisor to make sure we're doing all we are supposed to financially as adults. Trying to chip away at our overly ambitious dream of retiring at 60. ;) We have our life insurance health screenings this weekend -- because you know I'm dying to pay for life insurance more than clothes, Hulu, and, oh, did I mention clothes?
 I also grabbed lunch with some old roommates - Lauren and Caitlin. We roomed maybe 5 years ago, but picked up where we left off.
They are the reason I survived, did well, was happy, enjoyed life... seriously that apartment of girls created a bedrock of confidence for my life. Wish I could have visted with the other 3.


  1. Best weekend! Thanks for making it great!

  2. Oh and thanks for those beeeutiful pictures of C-Bear!

  3. Cherished that wonderful weekend. You contributed so much to the happiness of it, too. (Along with your yummy food.) And your pictures of Claire are the CUTEST!!!!


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