Beautiful fall

I spent too long trying to think of a creative way to say the mundane things: work, school, laundry, etc. And I got nothing. But in order to have something to show for another week lived heres what happened.

Last week ended on a good note -- we finally got a check in the mail we had been waiting for ... for months! We paid this company to amend our taxes (total legal, don't worry) to help us a get a better tax return. I thought of the number of shoes I could buy and Bronson thought of the number of months it'd pay for next semester tuition. Darn. This is where I would have put the high-five emoji for more shoes.

Friday I got home late from work, we grabbed some food with Jessica and Daymon and went to the homecoming game. There were no biting on nails and holding our breath kind of game. I was so cold and tired, I left half-way through and took a nap in our car. #mostlyloyalfan

Saturday morning after going to bed way to late for a losing game, we got up at 7am (which on the Weekend feels like 3am) for a life insurance health screening. Once she collected her samples, I quickly escorted her out of our house and escorted myself back to bed. Like I said, it felt like 3am.

That afternoon we went to the Homecoming Spectacular featuring Kristen Chenoworth and GENTRI. Bronson and I have for gone 4 years in a row to the Spectacular and I'm tapping my foot wondering when my loyalty discount or stamp card is coming! We (read mostly "I") love supporting the arts. The performance was UNBELIEVABLE. I wish everyone could have seen it live. Kristen was hilarious and completely commanded the stage with her charisma. The GENTRI boys made me wish they were the actors for Les Mis with their Les Mis melody arrangement. And one thing I was certain about was there are a million talented people at BYU. Like there were hundreds of BYU students performing and ALL of them were good. There was no mediocre performance.

After the spectacular we went shopping for some jeans. Bronson got lucky and found a pair of pants that happened to be mis-tagged and instead of $40 they rang up for $5.99 we will TAKE IT. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Actually, we did ask, like good honest citizens if that was correct and the cashier shrugged and said it was. It wasn't, we all know that, but we don't need to change it.

Since we were by the University mall, we stopped by the food court to the new fast-casual German Restaurant called "Rimmels." A couple from Germany happened to move into our ward a few months ago to start this restaurant. I've gotten to know Miriam pretty well since she is the choir conductor and I'm the pianist. I feel like ward choir can easily become one of those back burner callings -- where people just do it to do it, but she totally takes her calling seriously and its inspiring to see that. Her and her husband are HARD WORKERS. They've put all of their savings into this and it was fun to visit them and have them serve us. If you are in the area -- check it out! It was our first taste at German food and we are SOLD.

Pretty darn obsessed with things that smell good. And these cleaning products do. And look pretty. It's maybe the encouragement I need to clean the dishes so YOU DO YOU. 

Couldn't find my keys at 9pm to pick up Bronson. YIKES. Good thing I live in the safety county in the world. #worldrecordsetter (I've done this tooooo many times though)

After dinner, Bronson and Daymon went to the BYU women's soccer game. Sunday after church we went on a drive through the Canyon to see the leaves because we had some serious FOMO. And I guess 50% of Utah County also felt the same way -- it was busy and crowded. And originally I thought, how cool so many people have come out to experience nature and see God's creation, and then thought, nope its probably just for an instagram picture. Don't you dare think thats what my picture on instagram was about either! It's for memories sake!!!!

We came home to finish making homemade Lion house rolls (i'm pretty darn proud of them!), mashed potatoes (okay, proud of that too!), and baked a salmon for the first time! Daymon caught some fish before coming to Utah and was nice enough to share with all of us. Salmon is by far my favorite meat.

Our week has been pleasant -- and by pleasant, I mean we are trying to not let the number of job interview rejections get us down! There have been more rejections than invitations. This job thing might be a bit more difficult than I thought, but not much phases Bronson so that's good (IT PHASES ME THOUGH!).

Some things that you'll find us doing alot: Watching Designated Survivor. I hate recommending shows because I believe people never appreciate them as much as you do. But this is one show I can't stay silent about -- I've LOVED IT.  I can neither confirm nor deny whether we watched 21 episodes in one weeks time.

Listening to this podcast. It's a favorite among my sisters.

I finally got a butter dish and I'm pretty happy about it. Don't ask why I spent $14 of credit card reward money on it (I could have bought 16 sticks of butter with that $$)

This a new favorite product -- don't have kids -- but what an awesome gift for any child. You put in a childs name and gender and it creates a customized book.

Bronson's been running a few times a week and I've been walking -- he'll be running a half marathon at the end of the month and I continue to cry that my knee isn't working better.

I made my first homemade pumpkin pie this week. I went to Enrichment on Tuesday (it's been so long since i have been, I felt like an inactive coming back to church! haha I was actually alittle nervous!) and we made pie crust. So on Wednesday, I broke all healthy eating laws and made homemade pizza because Bronson has been begging for weeks. And made the pie filling too. Yep, proud of that pumpkin pie. I sat in the kitchen for an hour just to get the motivation to clean it all up. I've been telling Bronson how I need to lose weight. And then proceeded to have a piece of pie for dinner tonight. Haha... #life.

Pics from our sunday drive up the canyon. And we found snow! Yes, thats not snow and not really bad dandruff.

snow makes him happy I guess. ;) 


  1. I also get a kick out of your writing voice, and then I'm impressed again with your pictures! You have a some cool gifts/talents!

  2. You have a good life and I love the way you share the simple things of life that make it so interesting. You guys know how to love life.


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